Authoring Tools

Learn more about the best authoring tools for creating and developing applications e-learning courses

Explanation of the Authoring Tool

In the event that you should be a newbie to e learning, the various kinds of posting resources accessible may confuse you. Therefore precisely what is certainly a device that is writing? Resources The word device that is posting is deceptive getting a. Provided, the it might appear the device that’s writing describes a specific […]

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Tools for iSpring Suite 8

Another article of our blog is dedicated to the new product in the Arsenal of tools for eLearning development — iSpring Suite 8. This tool is interesting because it is suitable not only professional, but also anyone who decides one day to create an e-course on their own. Toolkit iSpring Suite 8 We have previously […]

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Tools to create e-learning materials and online courses

Online programs, e learning displays materials, studies, and car -producing details and bibliographies, you are able to quickly create for making training materials utilizing 9 resources. Online training has become more prevalent structure − the students, individuals and people would rather obtain understanding anytime and anyplace, to possess use of understanding components on any system. […]

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iSpring Suite in conjunction with Moodle Part 2

Next, enter the course name (discipline) and class (classes). You can also specify a description and keywords. In the settings section “Progress and completion” (button “Configure…”), you can specify the “weight” of the elements of assessment (slides, tests, dialogues) — the multiplier that determines their relative importance in calculating the final grade (for details about […]

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