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Vulnerabilities in the .Net Platform

Do you need to know about vulnerabilities in .NET? Perhaps you’ll take a fresh look at the code, or maybe your life. What if you want to change your qualifications and go into research of new types of attacks? Who knows. But if you asked about the vulnerability, then you are probably interested in how […]

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What’s New in Angular 5

The transition from AngularJS to Angular 2 was a huge step forward. At the same time everything has changed, without backwards compatibility. At the same time, Angular 4 added new features, but it was backward compatible with Angular 2 (Angular 3 version was missed due to @ angular / router, which at the time of […]

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Misconceptions about JavaScript and CSS

Several builders are mistaken, thinking that CSS may be the only method to use animations in INTERNET. CSS has become more and more common, it’s regarded the absolute most dependable and handy device for making animations. But this doesn’t imply that JavaScript is better not than him. In this essay we shall clarify why reveal […]

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Web developers – are they programmers? Part 3

There may be, due to which web-developers maintained this mindset, a vital element the type of our function. Don’t permit a touch that you’re not really a developer. Just how to get it done? And just require particularly to mention that which you are performing. I’d prefer to begin to see the Web become less […]

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Web developers – are they programmers? Part 2

They’ve first recognized an occupation that was brand new “internet creator”, and also the careers that were showing created an excellent universe of specialists who soon required to pound their organization in a potential that was wonderful. Was Jones Sha, many more and Eric Nate, Kesli Lee. It irrevocably confident Google to interact significantly with […]

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Web developers – are they programmers? Part 1

Nicholas D. Zakas — recognized frontend advisor, writer of numerous publications and posts, honorary visitor of the meeting and, obviously, writer. 5 years’ operating at Google, where he was mind of specialized improvement Division of the exterior software of the primary page (no, you simply believe, exactly what a fantastic article — “mind of specialized […]

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How to use git within a couple of hours

Therefore, Git is just a “dispersed model control system”, where ” control system” implies that it recalls the real history of one’s document modifications, and dispersed so that people can perhaps work without access to the internet with-it. Visual or system program. The individual about the additional aspect of the check which you’ll have the ability […]

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How to start learning web development

In this article we will discuss some tools, books and resources on how to start learning web development. This article is aimed at those who already worked with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Why learn web development? One of the main advantages of learning web development – You will receive skills of work with a large […]

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What do web developers do?

Brief response: they continue maintaining and produce sites. But what it’ll end up like mostly depends upon the kind done from the creator. What’s promising is even though they function very difficult and the fact that web-developers have been in popular, they are able to rely on an appropriate salary along with a wholesome harmony […]

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