Learning Management Systems

We would like to highlight the various LMSs that are popular today in the e-learning market and disassemble the pros and cons

Create fun educational materials on the Internet

Tool for developing interactive e-learning materials, a review of which we will make freely use any Internet user. In contrast to the earlier Articulate Storyline and iSpring Suite, web services Learning Apps is absolutely free. And, although it can be used to create a small interactive tasks, in combination with the learning management system (LMS) […]

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Tools for iSpring Suite 8

Another article of our blog is dedicated to the new product in the Arsenal of tools for eLearning development — iSpring Suite 8. This tool is interesting because it is suitable not only professional, but also anyone who decides one day to create an e-course on their own. Toolkit iSpring Suite 8 We have previously […]

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EFront LMS

In a previous post we gave a description of the pros and cons of Moodle. In this post we will examine another learning management system — eFront. The basic edition of eFront is also free, open source (comparison of editions). But, in contrast to Moodle, the development system is engaged in a United team focused […]

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iSpring Suite in conjunction with Moodle Part 2

Next, enter the course name (discipline) and class (classes). You can also specify a description and keywords. In the settings section “Progress and completion” (button “Configure…”), you can specify the “weight” of the elements of assessment (slides, tests, dialogues) — the multiplier that determines their relative importance in calculating the final grade (for details about […]

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Moodle LMS

MOODLE — Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, Modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment. Freeware learning management system open source, used to create web sites for distance learning. Examples of international websites on the Moodle platform: Athabasca University (Canada) The Open University (England) Flinders University (Australia) Quincy University (USA) Anaheim University (USA) Pros: The most popular LMS in […]

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