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What spoils the developer’s resume?

How many companies, so many opinions about how to look like a candidate for a particular position. However, there are a number not a subjective error while making a resume, which is very desirable to avoid, if you want to about yourself and your skills due opinion. In this article I would like to highlight […]

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How to Make a Review Paper

What can be called a review of literary work? The review of a literary work is a paper that tells about what accredited researchers have published regarding a peculiar topic. Periodically, they expect you to publish one as a single task, but more frequently, it can be presented as the constituent of the introductory paragraph […]

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How to become the best in the modern world

All our lives we were told that the school, University or vocational school is a necessary step in the career of every. There we have to give a sacred set of instructions on how to survive in a cruel world. The so-called Knowledge. In fact, when the way it was. World, jumping on turns, sleepily […]

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How to be a programmer

My first website I wrote in third grade. Our “art Association” had its representation in the Internet, where we could lay out the verses, with live performance and manifestos of postmodernism who died. In our Association were poets, Directors, cameramen and actors, as a programmer was for some reason I am one. So there was […]

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What programming language is better to choose first?

One of the most popular questions in our community from beginners is: “what language should I start?” For the answer we brought in our experts. It all depends on what region you choose. If you want to work directly with the hardware, write drivers, and various applications that need maximum performance then you can use […]

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10 steps to a career in IT

If you are reading this article, you probably are interested to start their career in a popular and profitable today the field — IT. We have compiled a short checklist of ten steps, which, like a ladder, to help you become closer to your goal. Only request: be honest with yourself and don’t jump over […]

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How to choose a programming language suitable for you

Programming forces us to work our brains, which is always good. Programming became a mainstream fashion trend on a global scale. Young and old are discovering this wonderful world. In the United States has reached the point that the President himself speaks throughout the country about the benefits of studying programming. The Internet offers everyone […]

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How to not give up and still become a programmer?

You day and night in the sweat of learning the syntax, frameworks, solve problems, attend courses, watch video tutorials, read books, but still cannot break the deadlock to finally start coding it yourself or find a first job. You repeatedly opens IDE to start writing code, but then postpone this activity. Because at the moment […]

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MBA Essays Tips

Great papers are effective papers. Often, they possess the ability to show who the candidate can be as an individual and as a specialist by means of presenting peculiar examples, which back up a claim or claims made. At the same time, they give examples, which turn the whole story into captivating and unparalleled. On […]

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