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Posted: 21st April 2009 by Darren Cassar in Databases, MySQL
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After 4hrs train / airport, 11hrs flight and another 2hrs commuting time on Sunday 19th I made it from London to Santa Clara. Practically exhausted I checked in, targeting a comfy hotel bed only to end up on a 1.5 hrs drive to Monterey with three good friends / colleagues! It was a great start to this exciting week at the MySQL conference.

Waking up at 6 on Monday, BANG: ORACLE BUYING SUN! well … no need to mention anything else I guess, its like the hottest topic on at the moment. Good or bad, no comment, but today’s keynote should help give a better insight to the happenings.

Following a hot breakfast (discussing the above), was the MySQL Clustering practical session with Stewart Smith, giving a detailed insight on the technology, its pros, cons, limitations and features.

The day ended with dinner in the company of some of the best MySQL DBAs around at Pedros ending in a small debate about the ACID`ity` of multiple table rename using a single statement.

Photos from above events are included in the MySQLPreacher gallery under the mysqlconf2009 section.

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