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Posted: 19th August 2010 by Darren Cassar in MySQL, Uncategorized
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Around these days last year I presented `securich` for the first time. It was at froscon 2009, barely knowing anybody, spending my 27th birthday in a hostel in Germany fixing some bugs before the actual presentation on a 10 inch netbook (my mac had some problems at the time but thats another story :)). I got a beating, verbally of course! Many of the people listening to the presentation were expecting something else since another presentation was supposed to be running at that time, some even started dozing off (encouraging? not really hehe) but after a few minutes people started getting interested and asking all kind of questions. “This awesome” I thought to myself, “questions are good, it means people are understanding and want to know more”, but the more they learnt the more they realised how young securich was as a tool, lacking fundamental features like reverse reconciling securich with mysql rather than the other way round, bugs cropping up (Giuseppe aka datacharmer made sure he found some on the fly :P) but oh well back then it was just four months old.

Now after a year and four months into it, Securich is still in Beta but MANY MANY more features were included, bugs fixed (others created) and it even made it through two sessions at the Oreilly MySQL Conference and Expo 2010 and two mysql university sessions.

The end points here are:
1. Share your knowledge and code with the community, we learn, you learn!
2. When you fall to the ground, climb back up and get on your feet again. Start running!
3. Securich is now at version 0.3.0 (10th official release), help yourself at google code your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Most of the new release is bug fixes but some of the features added in this version are:
1. Any user can now install securich not just mysql root
2. You can now grant privileges on the mysql db (by default still disabled as it runs in “strict” mode which needs to be changed to “lenient” manually)
3. The installation script now keeps the securich package intact for further many installations
4. Better error reporting (for debugging purposes)
5. Grants on tables using regexp are now case sensitive

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  2. mcstafford says:

    I’m really pleased with this project. I’ve learned a fair amount about vulnerabilities and remedidation in MySQL from your code.

    Thank you!

  3. You are welcome Mark, comments and suggestions are appreciated.