Monthly Archives: August 2018

4 Popular Free Learning Management Systems

About what a learning management system is, and how to choose LMS correctly, read here. This article lists 4 popular platforms today. Moodle, Google Class and Edmodo are free. The main features of Schoology are available free of charge. Moodle Moodle is one of the most popular training management systems in the world, offering a […]

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Vulnerabilities in the .Net Platform

Do you need to know about vulnerabilities in .NET? Perhaps you’ll take a fresh look at the code, or maybe your life. What if you want to change your qualifications and go into research of new types of attacks? Who knows. But if you asked about the vulnerability, then you are probably interested in how […]

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Prospects for the Development of Automated Training Systems

Currently, due to the rapid development of network and communication technologies, there is a need to effectively use new network technologies. In this area, the most urgent task is to create and widely introduce in the educational process automated systems for teaching and diagnosing the quality of knowledge of specialists. Automated training systems (ATS) have […]

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What’s New in Angular 5

The transition from AngularJS to Angular 2 was a huge step forward. At the same time everything has changed, without backwards compatibility. At the same time, Angular 4 added new features, but it was backward compatible with Angular 2 (Angular 3 version was missed due to @ angular / router, which at the time of […]

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Helpful Tips on Essay Writing

1) Be sure to write out a statement on which you will write an essay. After writing a paragraph again, go back to reading the phrase. 2) Using a draft when writing an essay, it is useful to leave blank lines between sentences, leave wide margins, where later you can make corrections, additions in the […]

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