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Are 5730 LEDs brighter than 5050?

Are 5730 LEDs brighter than 5050?

A 5630 (5730) LED diode will illuminate brightness equivalent to approximately 50 Lumen. The same goes for each chip’s power consumption, a 3528 LED will consume approximately 0.06 Watt, while a 5050 LED will consume approximately 0.18 Watt of power and a 5630 (5730) consumes about 0.5 Watt.

Are 5630 LEDs brighter than 5050?

5630 SMDs have dimensions of 5.6mm x 3.0mm. A larger LED doesn’t always mean brighter – but in this case, the 5630 chip outputs far more light than the more common 5050 SMD. High-quality 5630 chips on 60 LED p/m tape can produce up to around 2700 lumens.

Which LED strip lights are the brightest?

SMD (Surface Mounted) 5730 series is the brightest LED strip because it contains powerful LEDs that can create a lot of light. It is important to note here that comparing one LED strip series to the other is like comparing apples to oranges.

Does more SMD mean brighter?

SMD 2835. SMD 2835 Chips look very much like 3528 chips, but they use newer technology and are typically much more efficient. This means that for equivalent power, they can be much, much brighter. They’re smaller than the 5050 chips (2.8mm x 3.5mm).

Which is the best LED chip?

Top Secret of LED Chip

  • Epistar chip, this is the most common answer you get from the salesmen.
  • Cree, Citizen, Nichia.
  • Philips Chip.
  • Bridgelux chip.
  • San’an Chip.

How many lumens is a 2835 SMD LED?

This Epistar 2835 SMD surface mount component LED in Cool White features 25 lumens of 6000K color temperature, 80 CRI, and a 120 degree viewing angle.

Is 5050 led good?

Theoretically, comparing the same number of chips, SMD 5050 LEDs can offer a light output 3 times that of the 3528 strips, and therefore the 5050 LED is well suited for lighting up areas that may be subject to high levels of ambient light.