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Are ATI guns good?

Are ATI guns good?

If you get a chance, fire some of their weapons. Depending on your wants and needs, it could very well be that ATI is great for you. Their prices are indeed rock-bottom (comparatively), and thankfully, their cheaper guns are not always cheaply made.

Where is ATI 45 made?

The ATI FX Military 1911 is made by Shooters Arms Manufacturing in the Philippines.

How accurate is a 1911 45 ACP?

The Government accuracy standard for the 1911 was 5-inch dispersions at 25 yards and 10-inch dispersions at 50 yards, with the pistol sighted to fire a bit high at the shorter distance and more or less dead on at 50 yards.

Are ATI Milsport lowers good?

This is a decent forged receiver and the price was more than reasonable. Finish seems to be a Teflon type, not a heavy Parkerized or bake on. Excellent price and good quality lower. I would definitely purchase these lowers again if or when I choose to build again.

Who makes ATI shotgun?

American Tactical (ATI) is as complete of a firearm manufacturer as any with their portfolio containing 1911s, AR-15s, and of course, double barrel shotguns for hunting and sporting activities. One of their newest is the ATI Cavalry Over/Under SVE.

Where are ATI made?

We pride ourselves on importing the highest quality firearms, ammunition, and magazines to complement the products we make in Summerville, South Carolina.

What are the most reliable 1911?

Best 1911 Pistols

  • Most Affordable 1911. Rock Island Armory 1911. 520.
  • Springfield Armory Mil-Spec. 699. at Cabelas.
  • Remington R1 Enhanced. 849. at Brownells.
  • BEST BANG-FOR-THE-BUCK. Ruger SR1911. 850.
  • Springfield 1911 EMP. 1199.
  • Kimber Warrior. 1475.
  • Colt Delta Elite 10mm. 1100.
  • 1911 Editor’s Choice. Springfield Loaded Operator.

Are ATI lowers mil spec?

This is truly a Mil-spec lower, you will not be sorry for buying the ATI Milsport multi-caliber stripped lower. What can I say. This is a decent forged receiver and the price was more than reasonable. Excellent price and good quality lower.

Who makes ATI lowers?

ATI Mil Sport AR Lower Receiver – AimSurplus, Llc.

Is ATI a good shotgun brand?

With a clean, hand-fit appearance plus all the choke tubes a sporting shooter or hunter could need, the ATI Cavalry Over/Under SVE looks to be a great quality shotgun for the asking price.

Where is ATI made?