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Are HTD Speakers good?

Are HTD Speakers good?

If you’re more concerned about sound quality than looks, this speaker kit is an excellent deal. If you’re more concerned about sound quality than looks, this speaker kit is an excellent deal. Filling out the bottom end is a 10-inch powered subwoofer that weighs a somewhat hefty 36 pounds.

Can I paint speaker cones?

I wouldn’t do it. Any sort of spray paint that you’re going to apply to that cone will likely double the cone mass. Those alloy cones are really light. I would expect it to have a very noticeable effect on the sound.

Can I paint over speakers?

The grille and cabinet of your speakers may be painted. For best results, lightly sand all surfaces to be painted (cabinet and grille) with 300-400 grit sandpaper. Wash these surfaces with a moistened cloth dipped into a mild detergent to remove any fingerprints or grease. Allow speaker to dry before painting.

Can I paint speaker cabinets?

Whether you have speaker cabinets that are old and need sprucing up, or you just want to customize a pair to go with your decor, painting speaker cabinets can be done in just a few hours. Turn plain speaker cabinets into bright spots in your room’s decor.

Can you spray paint a speaker box?

Use a spray paint that is made for plastic and spray speaker cabinet, bracket caps and grill front. Make sure not to cover grill holes. Allow all parts to dry before re-assembling speaker.

Is it OK to paint speakers?

Can you paint the dust cap on a speaker?

Can you paint speaker dust caps? scotch brite the cap lightly (where the marks are visible but not deep at all), then take greased lightning or another degreaser to it, then clean with soap and water and then let it air dry then do light coats of paint, 2-4.

How can I make my speakers look better?

If you’re looking to disguise your bookshelf speakers in a cool, innovative way – read on for a few ideas that are sure to please.

  1. Mask Them Behind Decorative Wall Coverings.
  2. Make Them Less Conspicuous.
  3. Utilize Your Shelves and Cabinet Space.
  4. Get Handy (and Creative)
  5. Work With What You’ve Got.