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Are new forms of warfare?

Are new forms of warfare?

The nature of war and conflict is rapidly changing, and with it the relationship between military and civilian thinking and acting. It has particularly discussed activities often characterised as remote warfare, especially two of the newest forms: military drone warfare and cyber conflict or information strategy.

Why are wars started?

In most cases wars are initiated by governments, not by populations. And, most of the time, they are the result of disputes over resources and land, or of a government’s desire to increase its influence and power.

Do numbers matter in war?

Having a numerical advantage is just the same, only you can do the same thing at a larger scale. This is also the most useful way of making best use of your numbers. When you have more men, you can just fight the enemy head-on with what you think is enough to win.

How is war like?

It’s an experience that changes soldiers, and those changes last a lifetime. They have little experience of the world, let alone war, death, and killing. For them, and for all soldiers, combat is a complex mix of emotions that define the experience of war and shape the experience of coming home. Fear and Exhilaration.

What is the meaning of alternative method?

n. 1 a possibility of choice, esp. between two things, courses of action, etc. 2 either of such choices. we took the alternative of walking.

What is an alternative course of action?

Alternative Courses of Action (ACA) These are the possible solutions to the problem identified. Each ACA must stand alone and must be able to solve the stated problem and achieve the objectives. Each ACA must be mutually exclusive, I.e., the student must choose an ACA to the exclusion of the others.

What type of warfare is used today?

Chemical. Chemical warfare is warfare (associated military operations) using the toxic properties of chemical substances to incapacitate or kill enemy combatants.