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Can I just buy frames from Lenskart?

Can I just buy frames from Lenskart?

Understanding this basic need of its customers, has introduced the ‘buy only frame’ collection. The collection is varied and has different styles of frames from many renowned eyewear brands.

Can I buy frame only?

You can buy the frame only! These orders will come with a non-prescription clear lens. If you don’t have a prescription but want to rock the latest eyewear trend, then place your order with prescription lenses and enter Plano as your prescription.

Is Lenskart first frame free?

Under the ‘First Frame Free’ category of Lenskart, you can explore and buy full-rimmed frames in different styles and materials. Moreover, the first frame is free, so now don’t think much before buying.

Does Lenskart replace lens?

We custom make each lens specifically for you – we can’t reuse a lens cut for you, for anyone else, should you choose to cancel your order. However, we want you to be able to try us 100% risk-free.

Can I get new lens for old frames?

Typically, optical shops will replace the lenses for you if your frames are in good condition and the shape of the lenses isn’t too complicated. Other options include online retailers Lensabl and EyeglassX, which specialize in prescription lenses for existing glasses.

Can I change frame in Lenskart?

Exchange Options (Most Popular): You can do the following types of exchange: With the same frame & same lens package -Get a fresh piece of the same frame & lens package ( or coating if added)

What are glasses without lens called?

Lensless glasses are glasses that lack lenses. They are worn solely for aesthetic or fashion purposes, having no function in vision correction or eye protection. The frames are usually oversized, and commonly all black in color.

Is Specsmakers better than Lenskart?

Lenskart is definitely the superior choice here, given the affordability, options, previews, returns, and refund policies. While I wouldn’t completely rule out Specsmakers from a buying perspective, I would say that they have a long way to go.

How much does Lenskart cost?

Bestselling Eyeglasses Prices Online in India 2018 on

Latest Eyeglasses Online Eyeglasses Prices
Blue Rimless Rectangle Vincent Chase RIMSTEEL Eyeglasses Rs. 1500
Tortoise Wayfarer Shape John Jacobs Eyeglasses Rs. 3500
Ray-Ban Rx7047 Black Eyeglasses Rs. 6390
Ray-Ban Rx6303 Eyeglasses Rs. 4190

Can I return glasses if I don’t like them?

Some optical stores and online sellers guarantee your satisfaction with your eyeglasses — even if you simply don’t like them — by offering a refund or a store credit for the amount you paid for them. If so, you usually must return the glasses within a specified period of time (for example, within 30 days of purchase).

Can I take my own frames to opticians?

In general, you can put prescription lenses in any frames. However, there may be times when your prescription or preferred type of lens isn’t compatible. Your optical specialist will inform you after your comprehensive eye exam if there are any restrictions as to what kinds of frames will work for you.