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Can you bathe with pink Zote soap?

Can you bathe with pink Zote soap?

Zote can be used as bath soap, too. However, if you have sensitive skin, test Zote on a small patch of skin first.

What is pink Zote soap used for?

Zote soap is used to clean laundry as well as hands. It purportedly removes stains on clothes without abrasives or bleach and is safe for delicates.

Is pink ZOTE safe for colors?

I use pink zote laundry soap in my home made laundry detergent, which I use on all my wash. Both colored and whites. Have never noticed any problem using it on my colored clothes.

What is similar to Zote soap?

Perhaps the closest item to Zote Soap is the Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar, which is intended as a stain remover bar.

What is the difference between pink and white Zote soap?

The only difference is the color, the products are the same. Some people prefer pink, so the manufacturer added some pink dye to the soap. It does not affect its use in any way. According to their website, the only difference between their pink, white, and blue soap are the dye colors.

Is Zote soap healthy?

Zote contains “optical brighteners” which is a catch all term that includes chemicals which can be toxic and/or allergenic. If you want a natural laundry soap it’s safest to make your own from finely grated Kirk’s original castile soap, washing soda and baking soda.

Why is Zote soap so good?

Zote makes a great option because of it’s many uses. It can be used in every way regular soap can, it can wash everything from your clothes to your dishes and even you and it repels pests that spread disease easily during natural disasters when our immune systems are low.

What’s the difference between pink and white Zote soap?

What is the difference between white Zote and pink Zote?

Is Zote good for whites?

Great For Collars & Cuffs On White Shirts If you wash a lot of white shirts Zote is an inexpensive and excellent pretreater for collars and cuffs, as well as many small stains.

Does Zote soap repel mosquitoes?

Use Zote soap as a mosquito repellent It not only repels mosquitoes but all kinds of other insets. This is mostly because Zote soap contains citronella, known to be a natural bug repellent for decades. You can use the soap in a variety of ways to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Is ZOTE good for your face?

Zote is also used to clean dirty laundry & dishes. Please do not wash your face with this.