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Can you sell fake Lego on BrickLink?

Can you sell fake Lego on BrickLink?

Replicas and Counterfeit Items: All LEGO items must be original and genuine. Replica boxes, photocopies of instructions, or any other counterfeit listings are not permitted. Non LEGO Items: Certain non LEGO items that are deemed by BrickLink to be part of LEGO fan culture may be listed.

How do you use a wanted list in BrickLink?

Across the website – Throughout the catalog, storefront, and homepage, look for a heart by your desired item to add it to a Wanted List. Within a Wanted List – Inside each individual Wanted List, click the “Add Item” button at the top to choose an item from the catalog to add to the respective Wanted List.

How do I update my price on BrickLink?

The easiest way is to download and install Brickstock ( is the site it is located on AFAIK), pay for the upgrade to the full version ($20 via paypal) and then download your entire store inventory, do ctrl – A ctrl – G which downloads the current prices, and use the “update inventory in bricklink” …

Is BrickLink on mobile?

To accomplish these goals, we did the following: Redesigned the BrickLink platform so that BrickLink can be used on any browser, whether it is a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Is BrickLink a trustworthy site?

Bricklink is a marketplace like eBay. So as a site, Bricklink is very trustworthy IMO, but just like any marketplace, you may run into a bad seller or two. Generally speaking though, bad sellers won’t last long so just to be sure to read each seller’s reviews before buying.

How do I pay on BrickLink?

To pay the seller, click the “Pay” link in your invoice and enter your PayPal information in the popup window. You can also access the “Pay” button through your Orders Placed page once an invoice has been issued by the seller.

Is BrickLink genuine LEGO?

BrickLink is a wholly owned subsidiary of the LEGO Group and will be managed as a stand-alone team. It will continued to be based in Irvine CA. 13.

How do I export my BrickLink wanted list?

There’s a “Download” button at the top of the Wanted List page. That downloads as XML. I used to either convert that to CSV, or convert XML to Excel.

What is BrickLink API?

BrickLink Store API is for those who want to manage their store programatically via REST API. To use Store API, you must register first. You can register yourself from here. ( Please note that additional login is required to access this page.

What can I do with the Bricklink help center?

Use the Color Palette to assign colors to parts. You can also manage your Favorite colors and keep track of the colors you used in a creation. Use the Step List to manage your parts into a sensible building order. With a properly set up step list, you can make it possible for others to build and experience your design.

Where can I find Bricklink for my studio?

This is a Quick Start guide for Studio. You can find a more detailed operation manual within the Studio application itself. Use the camera controls below to change the way you view your creation while building. The Building Palette is your access to the BrickLink catalog.

How do you build a scene in Bricklink?

Use the camera controls below to change the way you view your creation while building. The Building Palette is your access to the BrickLink catalog. Use the Building Palette to find the parts that you need. Once you found the part you need, you are now ready to place it in the scene.

When do I have to pay my Bricklink Bill?

Seller bills are generated on the 5th of every month with a due date to pay by the 5th of the following month. After billing is processed, sellers have until the bill’s due date (the 5th day of the following month) to submit payment. If payment is not received by the due date, the amount of your bill will be considered past due.