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Can you use a Dobsonian telescope for astrophotography?

Can you use a Dobsonian telescope for astrophotography?

Generally, we do NOT recommend doing astrophotography with your Dobsonian telescope, as the lack of a tracking mount or an equatorial mount will make long exposures impossible. That being said, photographs of the Moon, planets, and very short exposures of bright nebulae are doable with the right expectations.

What can I see with a 12 Dobsonian?

What Can You See with Dobsonian Telescopes?

  • Near Space Objects – The Moon, Planets, The Sun.
  • Deep Space Objects (DSOs) – Galaxies, Nebulae, Clusters.
  • Easy setup and use.
  • Portable by design.
  • Reflecting telescope.
  • Well-adapted.

Can you Motorise a Dobsonian telescope?

Dobsonian telescopes offer big thin mirrors with stable, inexpensive altazimuth mounts. Motorizing a dobsonian adds automatic tracking and finding capabilities. With the object remaining centered in the eyepiece, you enjoy the relaxing view. In addition, you can use higher magnifications to bring out detail.

Can you motorize a Dobsonian telescope?

The combination of a Newtonian telescope with a low-cost wooden altazimuth mount is often referred to as a Dobsonian telescope. There are several motivations for motorizing a telescope. The first is that a motorized telescope can automatically point to any celestial object.

Can you take pictures through a telescope?

Afocal Telescope Photography The most inexpensive method of taking photographs through a telescope is called afocal. This means that you focus the telescope on the object you want to photograph and then point your camera into the eyepiece to take the photo. For larger cameras, you may need to use a tripod.

Can a Dobsonian telescope be used for astrophotography?

Technically Dobsonian (Alt-Az design) mounted telescope is designed for Observational purpose only but if you have a Digicam or DSLR capable of connecting to the telescope at prime focus you can do some descent Astrophotography right off the setup without need of expensive tracking mountsetup.

How does the synscan Goto Dobsonian telescope work?

Saturn showed crisp detail, and when the seeing allowed, close double stars were cleanly resolved. Sliding the tube up and down did not seem to compromise the collimation. When placed on a solid surface, the telescope was stable and dampened down in just one second from normal bumping and handling.

How big is the Goto Dobsonian in Sky Watcher?

Under its Sky-Watcher brand name, the China-based company promises to deliver a 12.5-inch GoTo Dobsonian for one–quarter the price. Thus my skepticism. Motorizing what is, at heart, a nonprecision telescope design and having it slew to and track objects accurately is no small task.

Can a GOTO computer be used for a Dobsonian reflector?

Up to now, mating a high-tech GoTo computer system to a Dobsonian-style reflector required kits costing thousands of dollars. Such a combination makes for a dream telescope, to be sure, delivering lots of aperture, practical portability and the convenience of automatic tracking and push-button object finding.