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Classes and objects in Python Part 2

First we import the random library (you may need to install it), from which we need the function choice () that allows you to select a random object from the list. Import with keyword import and the names of libraries are usually always held at the beginning of the file. Create a list with greetings. […]

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Classes and objects in Python Part 1

After a week break caused by WWDC, we’re back to Python. We finished work on a program that calculates the square of a given integer, so it’s time to undertake something more ambitious — for example, a text game that can help you to understand key concepts of object-oriented programming. If you are interested in […]

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A text game in Python

In the new issue of blog about programming, I bring a text game LAM-40 to alpha version and is ready to start public beta testing. My imitation of the development cycle reached its climax a week ago. I’ve hit the deadline and had no time to prepare a version of lam-40, which was supposed to […]

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Install Python

Website about development within the fresh problem, I change as to the possibly must have started — what resources you have to create code and just how to make use of them. Started composing the overall game, but for dealing with python, requested me a couple weeks before I neglected to inform you concerning the […]

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5 funny approaches for coding

Blog about programming stops forced break. I haven’t forgotten about the game by LAM-40, but flunked everything set deadlines, and news about it yet. To warm up propose to read educational web games that will cure radio bee any.   More and more people around saying that you want to learn programming, but does not […]

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Simple Tips to Compose an Argumentative Paper

An argumentative paper applies thinking and research, but not emotions, in order to lean against a controversial or contravene. The best argumentative essay examines two edges of a topic and proves the reason why one side or place is better than the other one. The First Steps Pick up a peculiar issue to make a […]

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An introduction to Python

Recently we in edition earned the well-known 80/20 rule: 80% of the time employees perform their duties, and the remaining 20% do third-party things associated with the site. So, our editor Gregory Prophets have prepared the sixth edition of the podcast that keeps getting better. Now I’m going to constantly talk about his hobby — […]

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Swift for beginners

In the new issue of my blog for a week I forget about Python. WWDC 2015 to once again have convinced me — if what language is now and we need to invest power, Swift. Swift, the new programming language apple for almost a year. During this time those who managed to try it, could […]

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