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Does Atlantic 252 radio still exist?

Does Atlantic 252 radio still exist?

From 2004, the frequency was used by RTÉ to provide a version of RTÉ Radio 1 to the expatriate community in Britain from the Clarkstown radio transmitter. Since 2014 there have been several announcements of the impending closure of this transmitter but as of 2019 it remains on air albeit on significantly reduced power.

When did Atlantic 252 close?

20 December 2001
It was an official tribute created and broadcast as the station closed on Thursday 20 December 2001, created by Eric Murphy and Enda Caldwell, commissioned by Atlantic 252’s Managing Director John O’Hara.

Where was Atlantic 252 based?

Dance radio station Atlantic 252, which broadcast from Summerhill, Co Meath for 15 years, is no more, but some are less than happy with the sale of the station to a UK-based sports station.

Is long wave radio still available?

It’s often said to be an obsolete band, but this is not true as. Not only do millions listen to Long Wave stations every day, but there are plans to increase the number of Long Wave Radio stations.

What is longwave radio?

In radio, longwave, long wave or long-wave, and commonly abbreviated LW, refers to parts of the radio spectrum with wavelengths longer than what was originally called the medium-wave broadcasting band. Most modern radio systems and devices use wavelengths which would then have been considered ‘ultra-short’.

Who were the DJS on Radio Luxembourg?

DJ’s included Don Wardell, Pete Murray, David ‘Kid’ Jensen, Tony Prince, Keith Fordyce, Kenny Everett, Barry Alldis, Jimmy Savile, Alan Freeman, Bob Stewart, Simon Dee, Paul Burnett, Dave Christian, Mark Wesley, Noel Edmonds, Brian Matthew, Pete Brady, Peter Powell, Emperor Rosko, Stuart Henry, Johnny Walker, Tommy …

Where was Radio Luxembourg based?

Radio Luxembourg was a multilingual commercial broadcaster in Luxembourg. It is known in most non-English languages as RTL (for Radio Television Luxembourg). The English-language service of Radio Luxembourg began in 1933 as one of the earliest commercial radio stations broadcasting to the UK and Ireland.

Does AM radio still work?

Nearly 60 per cent of all radio listening is now via digital devices, but analogue stations are still used by millions of listeners on FM and AM radio services every day, according to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

Why do most AM stations power down at night?

Most AM radio stations are required by the FCC’s rules to reduce their power or cease operating at night in order to avoid interference to other AM stations. However, during nighttime hours the AM signals can travel over hundreds of miles by reflection from the ionosphere, a phenomenon called “skywave” propagation.

Is shortwave AM or FM?

Marine radio uses FM except for long range marine that uses SSB a derivative of AM. And SSB is still the main transmit mode choice by a huge population of amateur radio operators. And most shortwave (SW) broadcasting is still AM.

What is the difference between shortwave and longwave radio?

Longwave moves along the ground at a certain power and moves across in a linear line. In contrast, shortwave link with the atmosphere and reflects the earth’s path to move in a curve. Longwave comes back to the earth after it gets into the ionosphere.

Where is the Radio Caroline ship now?

From 2007, the ship was docked at Tilbury, where a volunteer crew repaired and maintained it. The ship has working radio studios, from which both Caroline and BBC Essex have broadcast. On 31 July 2014 the ship was moved to the Blackwater Estuary in Essex.

Where was the Atlantic 252 radio station located?

(April 2009) Atlantic 252 was an Irish longwave radio station broadcasting across Ireland and Great Britain on 252 kHz (1190 metres) from its 1988 purpose-built transmission site at Clarkstown radio transmitter, County Meath, which provided service to Atlantic 252 from 1989 until 2002.

When did RTE Radio 1 switch to 252khz?

[RTE Radio 1] has been on 252kHZ since 17th March 2004 and is of course the frequency previously used by Atlantic 252 in the late 80s and 90s. [..] The 252 frequency was briefly used by UK sports station TeamTalk 252 for a few months in 2002 before being returned to RTÉ.

When was Atlantic 252 replaced by TEAMtalk 252?

During the early years the presenters that worked at Atlantic 252 utilised funny names, an idea originated in the US at stations like WHTZ FM Z100. Atlantic 252 was briefly replaced by a sports station TEAMtalk 252, which opened in the early days of January 2002.

What was the trading name of Atlantic 252?

RTÉ teamed up with RTL Group / Radio Luxembourg to form Radio Tara – the trading name of Atlantic 252 – which, being on longwave, was able to provide reception across Ireland and the United Kingdom.