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Does Battlefield 3 still work on PS3?

Does Battlefield 3 still work on PS3?

Battlefield 3 servers are up and running on PS3. You can Google, to see how many players are currently online on each of the platforms.

How do I fix Battlefield 3 errors?

You can as well try to repair the game, by doing the following: Origin Client > Right-Click Battlefield 3 > Click Repair and Origin will re-download and re-install the game with new patches and updates.

How do I play BF3 Online on PS3?

Go to the Bf3 section of the PSN store then go to “addons” and scroll all the way down and download the free online pass. Make sure that you actually download the file, quit the store and then start BF3 and you will be able to play online.

Are there still BF3 servers on ps3?

There’s more optimal ways of playing these games but it’s so cool to be able to still play them on ps3.

Can ps4 play Battlefield 3?

BF3 is only on Xbox One since MS put backwards compatibility into the Xbone. Sony thus far has not included any backwards compatibility outside of their digital distribution service for first party titles so it’s really Sony that must make this move since EA didn’t do anything additional to BF3 for Microsoft.

Why can’t I join a Battlefield 3 server?

Fully quit BF3 in the Xbox One menu by hovering on the game and using the ||| button and select quit. Go back to that same menu and select Manage Game. Go down to saved data and delete all saved data for BF3. Relaunch BF3 and try the server again.

How do I fix the directx error in Battlefield 3?

Make sure you have all the latest drivers installed. Also, check your heat sink and clean it if there are too much dust. Close uncesassy background programs and remove files that you don’t use to clear up space. Try to go to the Origin’s games -> Battlefield 3 -> Installer -> Directx -> Redist, then run dxsetup.

Why is my game not running?

An corrupted game cache file can also prevent your games from launching properly. Follow these to verify your game cache files: Reboot your Windows and run Steam. Reboot your Windows and try to run your game on Steam to see if it works.

Are Battlefield 3 Servers closed?

EA: Battlefield 3 servers not shutting down, they’re being rented – Polygon.

Why does Battlefield 3 freeze on my PS3?

Check if it’s a issue with the game, or a issue with your PS3, because most players might have the older PS3s that might be full of dust that ends up producing heat that bogs down the performance and crashes it.

How to tell if Battlefield 3 is up to date?

The path of the game should be detected automatically, if not, point it to the right path. -Once the downloads are over, you’ll get a message “battlefield 3 is up to date” or similiar. you may now close the application.

How to fix delayed startup in Battlefield 3?

-A list of services should now be in front of you. -I don’t know how to translate this, but there is an option like “startup”, in the general tab. You can choose between: Automatic (delayed startup), Automatic, Manually, Disabled. You must choose Disabled. -Click “apply” and close that little windows.

Is there a memory leak in Battlefield 3?

There is NO memory leak in BF3. None. DO NOT use BCDEDIT if you have a 64 bit operating system! It will make your problems worse.