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Does Sanford Florida airport have car rentals?

Does Sanford Florida airport have car rentals?

At the end of your trip, return your Avis car rental to the Sanford, FL airport at 1178 Red Cleveland Boulevard, Sanford, FL, 32773 (the same location as the Avis pickup). Watch for rental car return signs at the airport.

What car rental companies are at Sanford Orlando airport?

What will you drive?

Company Phone Toll-Free
On-Site Rental
Alamo 407-585-3500 800-327-9633
Avis 407-585-4421 800-331-1212
Budget 407-585-4427 800-527-0700

Is it cheaper to pick up a rental car at the airport?

Rental companies often price their vehicles in peculiar ways, too. For example, cars rented at the airport are almost always more expensive because of added taxes and fees. Rent at an off-airport location and you could save 20 percent or more.

Is it cheaper to rent a car online or at the airport?

Rental cars are almost universally more expensive when you rent them from an airport location. Often, that car is bigger and costs more. If you rent online, you can compare cars and rates and then demand the car you pre-ordered, rather than be told the least-expensive option isn’t available.

How much is an uber from Sanford airport to Disney?

What is this? It would cost between $45-$55 to get from the Sanford Airport to the Disney World area with UberX. Allegiant offers very low-cost flights, so it is possible to save money compared to flying into MCO, even after you factor in airport transfers with Uber.

How do I get from Sanford airport to Disney World?

What’s the Best Way to Get to Walt Disney World from Sanford Airport?

  1. Rent a Car and Drive. Renting a car and driving is one of the most obvious ways to get from the airport to WDW.
  2. Use a Ride-Share Service.
  3. Take a Taxi.
  4. Take a Shuttle Bus.
  5. Book a Limo.

Are there any hidden fees when renting a car?

Hidden fees such as excess insurance are one of the biggest troubles travellers have with car hire. It seems the car hire company forgot to tell you about the extra charges you’ll need to pay if you want to lower your insurance excess (the amount you’re liable for if the car gets damaged) from, say, $4500 to $700.

How do I get a cheap car rental?

The Cheapest Way to Rent a Car: 10 Tips

  1. Skip the airport. Renting at the airport is convenient when you’re flying into a new city.
  2. Shop around online.
  3. Turn to discount brands.
  4. Leverage memberships.
  5. Opt for economy cars.
  6. Stick to one driver.
  7. Use your own insurance.
  8. Forgo the extras.

Is there a shuttle from Sanford airport to Disney?

Airport Shuttle Service is a reliable shuttle company that can safely take you from Orlando Sanford Airport to Port Canaveral Cruise Terminals and Disney World. Their one-way rate for up to 4 passengers from Sanford Airport to Disney World, Universal & Kissimmee hotels is $100.

Where do you go to rent a car at Sanford Airport?

COUNTER: AIRLINE PASSENGERS – Proceed across the street from baggage claim to the Rental Car Center. Follow signs to Car Rental Return and enter the Car Rental Facility to the rental counters. CARS: Parked across the street from baggage claim.

How do you return a car rental at the airport?

FASTBREAK RETURN: Follow the airport signs for Car Rental return. You do not need to return to the counter to complete your rental. Record your mileage and fuel level on the rental agreement and drop it in the Budget Fastbreak return box.

How to get a car rental in Bakersfield?

Proceed to the Budget counter Fastbreak line/or normal line if no Fastbreak line designation/or follow directions to the Fastbreak Kiosk. Present identification and receive your rental agreement. The counter representative will give the customer the keys & directions to their car.