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Does Shakeys have bunch a lunch?

Does Shakeys have bunch a lunch?

Shakey’s Bunch of Lunch is the best lunch deal in town. Experience all-you-can-eat bliss as we serve up an unlimited variety of hot and fresh pizza, golden fried chicken, crispy Mojo Potatoes, pastas, salads, and sides – all for one ridiculously low price.

How much is bunch of lunch at Shakeys?

For a complete and convenient lunch, get the Original Bunch of Lunch or the 2pc Chicken ‘N’ Rice for only P199 served within 5 minutes or it’s FREE! The all-time favorite Original Bunch of Lunch comes with 2 slices of regular hand tossed Hawaiian Pizza, half serving of Skilletti with garlic bread, 2 pcs.

Is Shakey’s bunch of lunch on weekends?

Enjoy the best lunch deal in town. Weekdays 11-2 at participating locations. Items vary by location. Price and availability of Bunch of Lunch® on weekends also vary.

How much is Shakey’s bunch of lunch Philippines?

Shakeys Pizza Menu

Menu Item Price
Seafood Marinara ₱276.00
Super Bunch of Lunch ₱298.00
Original Bunch of Lunch ₱209.00

How much is a PCM Combo Shakeys?

Grab some quality time with your taste buds at Shakey’s with Pizza, Chicken & Mojo®s! 🍕🍗 😋 Meal deals starting at $9.99+ tax. Participating locations.

How much does Shakey’s pizza cost?

At present, Shakey’s has 500 stores globally….Build Your Own Pizza.

Build Your Own Pizza Price
Individual 7″ Cheese Pizza $5.99
Cheese Pizza 9″ Small $8.99
Cheese Pizza 12″ Medium $14.49
Cheese Pizza 15″ Large $19.99

How much is Shakey’s Pizza?

Shakey’s Classics

Shakey’s Classics Small Large
Rustic Garlic Chicken Pizza $12.99 $24.59
Shakey’s Special Pizza $12.99 $24.59
Firehouse Pizza $12.99 $24.59
Ultimate Meat Pizza $12.99 $24.59

How many inches is Shakey’s regular pizza?

8 inches
Regular is 8 inches, Large is 11 inches, while Party is 14. Thank you, @zapchaa.

Does Shakey’s card expire?

Q: How can I check when my SuperCard will expire? A: You can log on to to check your SuperCard expiration. If you’re in any Shakey’s or Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken and Sauce Bar restaurant, you can also ask any of the servers to check for you.

How long is the validity of Shakeys SuperCard?

one year
7. When does the SuperCard expire? a. The validity of the SuperCard is one year, from the date of first use.

Are there any special deals at Shakey’s pizza?

Get more deal for your meal at Shakey’s! From family meal deals and dinner deals for two to quick lunchtime favorites and happy hour specials, Shakey’s has got you covered. Participating locations. Generations of pizza lovers have celebrated life’s most memorable moments with a Shakey’s Pizza Party.

What’s the best thing to do at Shakey’s?

With hope of a brighter future on the horizon, the brand’s classic game rooms, big screen TVs, and community tables will once again make Shakey’s a favorite celebration spot for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and team parties.

How much is a shakey’s chicken and Mojo combo?

Whether you’re grabbing dinner to go or celebrating with family and friends, everybody loves Shakey’s pizza, chicken & Mojo combos. All your favorites, one low price, now starting at $9.99. Share the good times with Shakey’s PCM combo! Cheers for Beer!

Why is it important to work at Shakey’s pizza?

Shakey’s has always been committed to provide opportunities for talented and dedicated people to develop their potential. That’s why we continue to provide benefits, support, and training to all of our employees and franchisees.