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Does the Sig Sauer P938 have a safety?

Does the Sig Sauer P938 have a safety?

The P238 and P938 are Single Action Only (SAO) pistols. Each pistol features an integrated thumb safety, located above and to the rear of the left-hand grip. The thumb safety blocks hammer movement and can be engaged with the hammer cocked (ready to fire) or hammer forward. Move the thumb safety fully upward to engage.

Can you dry fire a Sig P938?

Is it safe to dry-fire my pistol? It is safe to dry-fire our center fire pistols. You would want to use a snap cap or plug if extensive dry-firing is done.

How much does a SIG p938 legion cost?

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PRICE $779.99
Action Pistol
Capacity 7+1
Barrel Length 3in
Finish Legion Gray Stainless

What is the smallest 9mm Sig Sauer?

Micro-compact everyday carry size with unprecedented 10+1 full-size capacity. The P365 is striker-fired, with the clean crisp trigger pull you expect from a SIG. Lightweight and easy to conceal, the P365 is chambered in 9mm and is rated for +P ammunition.

Is the Sig P938 single or double action?

The Sig P938 is a single-action, single-stack, 9mm pistol. It bears a striking resemblance to both the Sig P238 from whence it came, and the 1911-pattern pistol from which both are direct descendants.

Is the SIG Sauer P938 SAS a good gun?

Sig Sauer did not release a price on the P938 SAS. For those who appreciate optimized carry systems, the price tag might be beside the point. The pistol performance will prove a value no matter its cost.

What kind of gun is a SIG Sauer?

Being a principal, Cody knew the police officers working his school district, all carried Sig Sauer pistols. Because of this Cody decided to get a Sig Sauer P938 SAS Micro 9mm Luger with the night sights. Cody dropped by his local Sig Sauer dealer where he had looked at the P938.

How big is a SIG Sauer 9mm Luger?

It comes with a pull weight of 7.5-8.5 pounds and feels very consistent, which is exactly what you’d expect from Sig. SIG Sauer P938 Specs. Caliber: 9mm Luger; Overall Length: 5.9 inches; Barrel Length: 3 inches; Weight: 16 ounces; Round Capacity: 6 +1; Sights: Still 3-dot Contrast; Grip: Polymer; Trigger: Single-action; SIG Sauer P938 Top Features

What kind of ammo does Cody P938 use?

Within a week, Cody and his wife Ann were taking their instruction on the use and handling of their brand new P938 SAS. They signed up for three two-hour instructions. The total amount of ammo to be expended would be 300 rounds each. They took their instructor’s recommendation and bought Sig Sauer 365 9mm, 115gr JHP elite v-crown ammo.