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Does Webex have international numbers?

Does Webex have international numbers?

Webex offers several international teleconferencing options. Global Call-In: Webex offers local toll and toll-free dial-in numbers in several countries. With this method, your attendees will dial phone numbers in their respective region(s) to connect to the teleconference.

How do I call an international number using Webex?

  1. When you join your meeting or event, click the audio connection options in the preview window.
  2. Select Call-in from the list and join the meeting.
  3. Click Show all global call-in numbers in the Call-in list.
  4. Select country and region or clear the selection and type in the name of the country or region.

Are Webex Dial In numbers toll-free?

The Webex subscriber pays the toll rate (as defined in the contract) for audio usage. A toll-free call is when a participant calls into a region-specific toll-free number (within the US the area code is 800, 866, 877, 888, etc.) The Webex subscriber pays the toll-free rate for audio usage.

Does Webex have a dial in option?

After you’ve clicked Join in your email invitation, select the audio connection options. Select Call me at and enter or select a phone number, including the area code, that you want Webex to call you at.

Does Webex work outside the US?

Can VoIP be used outside the US? Solution: Cisco Webex VOIP is available in US, EMEAR and Asia. VOIP is available in the following Collaboration Architecture Board (CAB), CAB A and B countries.

What is a global call in number?

Global numbers are essentially local numbers or international toll free numbers, which your clients can call at no cost or for the price of a local call. Once these numbers are activated, you can offer sales and customer support to global customers.

Can you make a call from Webex?

Make a Call from Cisco Webex Board. You can make direct video calls from a Cisco Webex Board to contact someone or dial into a meeting. You can search and call any person or device in your organization. When using search, the results show the people and devices in your organization.

How does Webex dial in work?

What’s the easiest way to dial into a conference call?

  1. Simply enter your phone number or preferred video device when the conference call begins.
  2. Webex will call you directly—no dialing, no passcodes!

Does it cost to dial into a zoom meeting?

By default, Zoom meeting invitations designate which dial-in numbers are toll-free by adding “Toll Free” in parentheses after the number. Note: Meeting invitations can be customized by the host. The only way to be certain a dial-in number is toll-free is to confirm with the host of the meeting.

What is Webex call back feature?

Call back lets you make a call using your work number without using the Internet or racking up costs from making a long distance call. Your work number gets used as the caller ID so people can easily identify you.