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Helpful Tips on Essay Writing

1) Be sure to write out a statement on which you will write an essay. After writing a paragraph again, go back to reading the phrase.

2) Using a draft when writing an essay, it is useful to leave blank lines between sentences, leave wide margins, where later you can make corrections, additions in the process of editing the original text

3) Select the paragraphs; observe the red line; use short, simple, diverse intonation suggestions

4) Use the proposal construction scheme:

“I think (I think, I think, etc.) that… because…”;

“I think that this (act, phenomenon, situation) can be estimated as…, because…”.

In my opinion.., I share the position of the author…;

In conclusion, we can conclude that…

5) Have a set of definitions for each topic.

Confident mastery of social science terms and concepts is the primary condition for success when working on an essay.


Before you start writing, ask yourself these questions:

1) What section of social science do I know best?

2) What statement from the proposed in my version can I reveal most fully?

3) What ideas do I want to communicate?

4) What concepts should be used in the disclosure of the topic?

5) How long will it take for me to write this paper?

(This question is very important, because when preparing to write an essay, you need to develop the skill to write such compositions quickly enough, since time in the exam is limited, and its lack is one of the reasons that the exam does not have time to write qualitatively Working constantly in writing essays, you can achieve very good results).

Still more important are the following points in the work on the essay:

  • writing an essay in draft form;
  • repeated analysis of the content of the text;
  • checking the style, consistency and consistency of the above;
  • making necessary changes and writing the final version.

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