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How are phone numbers written in China?

How are phone numbers written in China?

In mainland China, mobile phone numbers have 11 digits in the format 1xx-xxxx-xxxx (except for 140–144, which are 13-digit IoT numbers), in which the first three digits (13x to 19x) designate the mobile phone service provider.

How many digits are in a Chinese phone number?

China’s telephone numbers are made up of 12 numbers split into groups of 3. So if you’re going to make a call to China using a mobile phone, you should dial country code+area code+8-digit number.

What is the correct format for a phone number?

An area code. The phone number itself. Sometimes an international country code. Then, there are many conventions for expressing the phone number….The Anatomy of Phone Number Formats.

Phone Number Dialed Location
001-212-456-7890 Dialed in Germany
191-212-456-7890 Dialed in France

How do I write my phone number in international format?

A phone number in full international format includes a plus sign (+) followed by the country code, city code, and local phone number.

What is China phone number?

China/Dialing codes

What is US phone number format?

United States/Dialing codes

What is China code number?

What is the first phone number?

The number is now written as 1-212-736-5000. According to the hotel’s website, PEnnsylvania 6-5000 is New York’s oldest continually assigned telephone number and possibly the oldest continuously-assigned number in the world.

Which country has +44 code?

the United Kingdom
Country phone codes +44 is the country calling code assigned to the United Kingdom by the International Telecommunication Union.

How do I call China?

Follow these steps to call China:

  1. Dial the exit code 011. This will let your carrier know you’re going to make an international call.
  2. Dial 86, the country code for China. This lets your carrier know you’re going to call China from the US.
  3. Enter the area code.
  4. Dial the phone number.

Are all US phone numbers 10 digits?

General: The standard American telephone number is ten digits, such as (555) 555-1234. The first three digits are the “area code,” which, in the past, indicated in what part of the country the phone was located.

How to call China from the U.S?

Obtain a VoIP plan and equipment

  • which is the exit code for the United States.
  • which is the entry code for the phone system in China.
  • whether it is a landline or VoIP phone.
  • How do you call the US from China?

    To call United States from China, dial: 00 – 1 – Area Code – Land Phone Number 00 – 1 – 10 Digit Mobile Number. Call China From United States » United States area codes » When to call » Calling Mobile Phone. Follow the dialing format shown above while calling United States From China.

    How do you call China Mobile?

    How to call a China mobile phone: 011 – United States exit code to dial first when calling international. 86 – China country code must be dialed next. Mobile Code** – China mobile code must be dialed next.

    What is the Chinese emergency number?

    119 is recognized in China as the standard emergency telephone number for firefighters. Similar to Japan, the number for police is 110.