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How deep is a shallow recessed can?

How deep is a shallow recessed can?

Shallow recessed lighting is available if you don’t have much room. Most shallow recessed light fixtures are only 5” deep or less.

Are recessed lights low voltage?

Low voltage systems typically run on 12-volt power. Most low voltage recessed lights come with an integrated transformer. Line voltage lights have more stringent installation requirements, but many use regular light bulbs and work with standard dimmers.

What is recessed depth?

“Fully recessed” is where your product fits neatly within your window opening, without it protruding into your room. The depth of your window opening may be sufficient to mount a blind as an Inside Mount, but NOT quite enough to mount it such that the headrail is fully inside the window opening.

What size recessed can?

Choose one that will accommodate the height of your ceiling or the size of your wall. 4-inch and 5-inch fixtures are great in kitchens for providing overhead countertop lighting. 6-inch fixtures are most common for general lighting purposes. 7- to 9-inch fixtures will create a wider wash of light.

What voltage are recessed lights?

120V or 12V There are two different kinds of voltage for hooking up your recessed lighting. There is line voltage (120V) and low voltage (12V). Line voltage is the normal household 120 voltage, and is the most common. Transformers or special dimmers are not required for these fixtures.

What is minimum flush mount depth?

Minimum inside mount depth is the amount of depth required to securely mount the shade/blind inside the window frame. The minimum flush mount depth is the required mount depth needed for the shade/blind to fit fully inside of the window frame, without protruding outward at all.

Are 6 recessed lights too big?

Neither size is better, but each size can be more practical for certain applications. As a lighting contractor, I help homeowners choose between 4-inch and 6-inch recessed lights on a daily basis.