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How do I assign a crossfader in Traktor S4?

How do I assign a crossfader in Traktor S4?

Or more simply, on your screen, just near the crossfader you have a square on each side with the decks’ letters. Just click and lit each to assign them to a side or another. Thanks much yul.

How do you recalibrate Traktor S4?


  1. With the S4 MK3 connected to your computer, open TRAKTOR’s Preferences.
  2. Navigate to the Traktor S4 MK3 entry at the bottom of the menu.
  3. If you want to recalibrate the 4 FX1 and 4 FX2 knobs, click the Recalibrate button corresponding to Upper FX Units.
  4. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the recalibration.

How do I turn off crossfader on Traktor S4?

You can’t permanently turn it off. Rainer made a keyboard mapping that lets you press shift+z to disable it, but you’ll have to do it every time you start traktor. You can’t permanently turn it off.

How do I connect my turntable to Traktor S4?

Switch off the S4 and connect your turntable to the inputs Phono A or B on the rear panel of the S4. Attach the ground wire of your turntable to the ground post GND on the back of the S4. 2/ To let the Mixer channel receive the phono signal, you need to enable the phono pre-amplifier stage for the Mixer channel.

How do you calibrate Traktor?

Follow the steps below to run the software calibration for the faders or knobs:

  1. Open the TRAKTOR Preferences > Traktor Kontrol *controller model*
  2. Under Calibration, click on the Recalibrate button next to the control you wish to calibrate.

How do I change the sensitivity on my Traktor jog wheel?

Adjusting the Jog Wheel Sensitivity of your S2 MK3

  1. Make sure TRAKTOR is closed.
  2. On the right deck, press and hold SYNC + KEYLOCK while inserting the USB cable.
  3. Turn the BROWSE knob of the corresponding jog wheel to adjust its sensitivity (left BROWSE for left jog wheel, right BROWSE for right jog wheel).

How do I turn off crossfader on rekordbox?

Open rekordbox [Preferences] > [Controller] > [Mixer] > [Level Meter] and tick [Master Level] to use it as the master level meter. Q9 Can I disable the crossfader? Yes. Open rekordbox dj mixer panel and turn off all Cross Fader Assign buttons (1, 2, 3 and 4) to disable the crossfader.

How do you set timecode vinyl on Traktor?

In the Input Routing Preferences, make sure the Inputs of the Audio 8 DJ are assigned to the correct channels in Traktor. Choose Timecode Setup in the Preferences and assign the corresponding incoming Timecode Inputs to the Decks you want to control, using the Assign to Decks function. Close the Preferences.

How do you calibrate timecode vinyl on Traktor Scratch?


  1. Open the scratch panel and switch to scope mode.
  2. Drop the needle onto the timecode vinyl or start playback of the timecode CD.
  3. Click the RST button. The calibration process only takes some seconds.
  4. Check if the calibration circle is okay.

How do I calibrate my Traktor S2?

2.1. Jog Wheel Calibration (MK1 Models)

  1. Make sure your TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 / S2 is powered up and then launch TRAKTOR.
  2. Go to Preferences > Traktor S2 / S4.
  3. Next to Jogwheel, press Relicabrate Left / Recalibrate Right and follow the on-screen instructions to recalibrate the corresponding jog wheel.

What to do if crossfader does not work in Traktor?

If you want to use the built-in mixer of TRAKTOR, for example with controllers like the TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 / S4 / Z1 / Z2 or any TRAKTOR READY controller with a mixer control section, set the Mixing Mode to Internal. If you can move the crossfader, but it does not crossfade between your Decks as desired, check your crossfader assignment.

Can a Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3 be recalibrated?

Note: the TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 MK3 does not allow its faders to be recalibrated. WARNING: Please be careful when handling the fader as any physical damage to the TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 unit may result in the warranty being voided.

How are the faders moved in Traktor Kontrol?

The faders move by themselves or jitter in the TRAKTOR software. The faders have been moved all the way down yet sound is still audible through your speakers or headphones. The faders have been moved all the way up yet the sound level in your speakers or headphones is not as high as it should be.

Can a Traktor Kontrol Z2 be calibrated manually?

WARNING: Please be careful when handling the fader as any physical damage to the TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 unit may result in the warranty being voided. If the software calibration fails to resolve the issue, the Innofaders on the TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 can also be calibrated manually.