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How do I create a bar in a small space?

How do I create a bar in a small space?

Set up a small bar on a bookshelf or in an old armoire. Go even smaller with a bar cart or a vintage suitcase. Stock your bar with a small amount of drinks to save space and help guests choose a drink by offering less options. Keep everything organized on trays and keep bar tools close by in a jar.

How much space do I need for a home bar?

Typically, you want about 2′ of space between bar stools to have enough room to navigate in and around the stools. Most standard home bar designs are at least 6′ long to accommodate three bar stools or an 8′ bar that will give you room for four stools.

How do I build a bar room?

5 Steps to Create a Bar Area in Your Home

  1. Decide Where to Put It. Like I mentioned, our teenagers hang out in our basement, while Dean and I and our (grown up) friends spend our time on the main floor.
  2. Add Stools.
  3. Make it Personal.
  4. Create Pretty Storage.
  5. Add Somewhere to Wash Up.

What are the types of home bar design?

So grab a beer, whiskey, or glass of wine and get inspired because here are 71 totally unique ideas for decorating your home bar.

  • Globe Bar:
  • Bookcase Bar.
  • Liquor Cabinet.
  • TV Bar.
  • Old Piano Bar.
  • Recycled Beer Can Track Lighting.
  • Skull and Antler Bar.
  • Wine Barrel Outdoor Sink.

Where do you put a mini bar?

Here are the most popular solutions for a tiny home bar:

  • A bar cart. It’s a perfect solution if you have several zones around the house where you like to enjoy your drinks.
  • A simple tray.
  • Put it in a built-in closet.
  • Ocuupy a tight corner.
  • Don’t forget about a basement or an attic.

What is the ideal height of a bar counter?

Whether in your kitchen, the basement or a local pub, Schneiderman’s notes that the standard bar height remains the same: 42 inches. This height is ideal for those who prefer to stand while they eat or have a drink as well as those who would like to sit on a stool or chair.

Does a wet bar need a sink?

Essentially, a wet-bar has a sink with running water. A dry bar only has a place where you can prepare drinks and no sink. The technical difference is just a matter of plumbing.

Where should a bar be placed in a house?

When you look for space to install a home bar, you can choose a portion of living room space or a portion of dining hall. If you have a huge balcony, home bar can be arranged there also because there is so much of view that can entertain your guests.

How tall should my bar be?

42 inches
The standard height for a bar in the United States is 42 inches. This is the perfect height for a 30 inch bar stool. You want 12 inches of clearance between the top of the bar stool and the top of the bar.

What is a bar at home called?

A wet bar is a small bar used for mixing and serving alcoholic beverages that includes a sink with running water, as opposed to a “dry bar” that does not include a sink. Wet bars are found in homes for entertainment purposes. Near a kitchen or in a finished basement are some typical locations for a wet bar.

What is a home bar called?

A straight bar or front bar is designed to accommodate the host or bartender on one side while guests sit, eat and drink on the opposite side. It is usually placed away from the wall to make room for the person preparing drinks or serving food.

Can a small bar be in the living room?

Well, you can incorporate a small home bar in your living room or any other space in your home. People love to experiment with small home bars and there are different variations in designing them You need to consider the interior accessories and furniture when you personalise these bars.

Do you have space for a mini bar?

If space is not a luxury in your home, do not shelf the idea altogether. Instead think of a mini bar or even a tiny, built-in bar that will utilize that empty corner or the unused porch space to the hilt. It is time to gift yourself with a stylish home bar!

What’s the best design for a small bar?

The black borders of the cabinets strike a great combination with the light wooden colour of the cabinets. If you have a spacious room, you can opt for an ‘L’ patterned bar. There are sitting arrangement on raised steel stools. The black panels on the walls have a great compatibility with the white walls and grey floor.

How to design a bar in a corner?

When you have limited space in your home, you can design the bar in a corner. Staggered cabinets look great in this room, and for a sophisticated look, you can place a couple of showpieces beside the cabinet. The black borders of the cabinets strike a great combination with the light wooden colour of the cabinets.