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How do I get CK-12 answers?

How do I get CK-12 answers?

Please send an email to [email protected] to request sample answers.

What is a CK-12 FlexBook?

CK-12 FlexBooks® are fully customizable, digital textbooks which offer the best content for students and teachers. Viewable on Chromebooks, laptops, tablets, smartphones or desktops, FlexBooks® are standards-aligned and ready to be localized to engage students.

How do you make a CK-12 FlexBook?

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  1. Sign into your CK-12 account.
  2. Choose a subject.
  3. Choose a concept that will be the first concept added to your new FlexBook.
  4. Click “add to FlexBook” on left side of screen.
  5. Create a title for your FlexBook.
  6. Click “ok”
  7. Continue adding concepts and editing content until you are satisfied.

Is CK-12 safe?

CK-12 likely will appeal most to kids who are already fairly studious; it doesn’t oversimplify ideas. Although it does cover simpler subjects like arithmetic, its presentation might be too advanced for kids of the appropriate age to understand on their own. It’s perfect with a parent’s help, however.

Is CK-12 org free?

CK-12’s products are free for anyone across the globe, and available in over 70 languages. However, while teachers and students do not need to register to use the CK-12 Flexbooks, those who do register will find additional tools and resources available for their use.

Does CK-12 have an app?

CK-12 is an app to help students, and teachers improve K-12 learning globally by providing self-pace learning content & tools.

What grade is CK-12 for?

Fifth Grade
CK-12 Fifth Grade Science.

Is CK-12 free?

Are CK-12 Flexbooks free?

Is CK-12 Common Core?

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have become an important set of guidelines for students and teachers of mathematics. We can help you find CK-12 content that is aligned to these standards and make it available to these classes. Common Core Math concepts that are correlated to each standard.

Why is CK-12 free?

CK-12 Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing access to high quality educational materials for K-12 students all over the world. By providing these free resources, CK-12 is working toward educational equity for all.