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How do I program a radio button in C#?

How do I program a radio button in C#?

// Set the AutoSize property r1. AutoSize = true; // Add text in RadioButton r1. Text = “Intern”; // Set the location of the RadioButton r1. Location = new Point(286, 40); // Set Font property r1….Important Events.

Event Description
Click This event occurs when the RadioButton control is clicked.

What is the method of radio button control?

RadioButton and CheckBox controls have a similar function: they offer choices a user can select or clear. The difference is that multiple CheckBox controls can be selected at the same time, but option buttons are mutually exclusive. Use the Checked property to get or set the state of a RadioButton.

How do I group RadioButtons in Windows form?

You group radio buttons by drawing them inside a container such as a Panel control, a GroupBox control, or a form. All radio buttons that are added directly to a form become one group. To add separate groups, you must place them inside panels or group boxes.

How do I select a radio button in Visual Studio?

RadioButton Control

  1. Step 1: Drag the RadioButton control from the toolbox and drop it to the Windows form, as shown below.
  2. Step 2: Once the RadioButton is added to the form, we can set various properties of the RadioButton by clicking on the Radio control.
  3. RadioBtn.vb.
  4. Output:

How do I code a checkbox in C#?

// Creating checkbox CheckBox Mycheckbox = new CheckBox(); Step 2: After creating CheckBox, set the properties of the CheckBox provided by the CheckBox class….Important Properties of CheckBox.

Property Description
Image This property is used to get or set the image that is displayed on a checkbox control.

What is TextBox in C#?

A TextBox control is used to display, or accept as input, a single line of text. A text box object is used to display text on a form or to get user input while a C# program is running. In a text box, a user can type data or paste it into the control from the clipboard.

What is the difference between checkbox and option button?

Main differences. In Check box, you can select multiple options. In Option Button (Radio button) you can select one option. Radio buttons are circular and check boxes are square.

What is the difference between radio button and checkbox?

Many people confuse checkboxes and radio buttons. There is a fundamental difference between them. In a checkbox group, a user can select more than one option. Radio buttons, however, operate as a group and provide mutually exclusive selection values.

What is PictureBox in C#?

The PictureBox control is used for displaying images on the form. The Image property of the control allows you to set an image both at design time or at a runtime. Properties of PictureBox. AllowDrop Property. Specifies whether the picture box accepts data that a user drags on it.

What is button control in C#?

Button class in Windows Forms represents a C# Button control. A Button control is a child control placed on a Form and used to process click event and can be clicked by a mouse click or by pressing ENTER or ESC keys.

How do you clear a TextBox in C#?

Text = string. Empty; and that is if you are using Text binding for your TextBox (i.e. )….You can use Any of the statement given below to clear the text of the text box on button click:

  1. Text = string. Empty;
  2. Clear();
  3. Text = “”;