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How do I use the flash on my Canon 5d Mark II?

How do I use the flash on my Canon 5d Mark II?


  1. Select [External Speedlite control]. Under the [ ] tab, select [External Speedlite control], then press < >.
  2. Select [Flash function settings]. Turn the < > dial to select [Flash function settings], then press < >.
  3. Set the flash function settings.

How many WS is a Speedlight?

Speedlights produce somewhere between 60 and 100 watt seconds of power. Strobes produce 300 to 1,250 watt seconds of power. Even the smallest strobe head is significantly more powerful than your most powerful speedlight.

What is the zoom range of Speedlite 600EX II RT?

Zoom flash head covers a wide range of 20-200mm. Equipped for flash photography in a wide variety of situations, the Speedlite 600EX II-RT has a guide number of 197 ft. (60m) at ISO 100 to help achieve the lighting you desire.

How do I reset my 580ex?

Keep the flash powered on, and just open the battery door. Then close it back up after a few seconds. It IS in the manual, and it’s not controlled by the Mode button. Hold the Zoom button down for at least two seconds, then you can get it off MASTER mode by turning the control dial.

What kind of lens does Speedlite 580EX 2 use?

Using my original 580EX flashes and a new 580EX II, I tested various scenario, camera, lens and setting combinations (including the Canon EOS-1D Mark II DSLR, Canon 1D Mark III DSLR , Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens and Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L USM Lens ).

How does Canon Speedlite 580EX II E-TTL flash work?

ETTL II advances E-TTL by incorporating distance information from newer Canon lenses into flash exposure calculation. This flash also passes color information to the camera. The E-TTL/E-TTL II flash output is dependant on the camera mode being used.

When to use the flash on the 580EX II?

The 580EX II is normally triggered the instant the first shutter curtain opens. When Second-Curtain sync is selected the flash will be triggered just before the second shutter curtain closes.

What kind of Foot does canon 580EX 2 have?

The long-time standard plastic foot is shown above left – the new metal 580EX II metal foot is shown above right. Visible dust and water resistance indicators denote another update this flash has received. This is Canon’s first weather-resistant flash.