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How do I write a parent handbook for daycare?

How do I write a parent handbook for daycare?

What to Include in Your Child Care Parent Handbook

  1. Introduction and welcome.
  2. Child care and teaching philosophies.
  3. Operating information.
  4. Enrollment, wait list, and withdrawing policies.
  5. Sign-in and pick-up procedures.
  6. Sample daily schedule.
  7. Supplies and snacks rundown.
  8. Sick days and schedule interruptions.

How many kids can an unlicensed daycare have in Illinois?

If you provide care for only three or fewer children under the age of thirteen, including your own, or children from a single household or only children related to you, then you may be license-exempt.

How do I create a family handbook?

Here are eight keys to creating a valuable parent handbook.

  1. Plan ahead. It helps to distribute the handbook a few weeks before the first day of school.
  2. Think like an outsider.
  3. Include FAQs.
  4. Show your face.
  5. Highlight key dates.
  6. Collaborate.
  7. Make the handbook easy to find.
  8. Be a resource.

What is the purpose of a parent handbook?

The purpose of a staff or parent handbook is to communicate any expectations, policies or procedures that you have for the staff and/or families in your center. A handbook is often your first written communication for both staff and parents.

How much is daycare in Illinois?

Illinois. Monthly infant care in Illinois will cost families an average of $1,150 per month, while placing a four-year-old child in center-based child care is likely to cost around $864 per month.

What is a parent handbook?

A parent handbook is an important resource for any child care program to communicate policies and procedures and act as an ongoing reference. A clear, useful parent handbook can act as a contract between your business and the families you provide care for.

What should be included in a daycare?

A good daycare supplies list includes first aid kits, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, an emergency preparedness kit, and an emergency plan, among other things.