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How do you care for a spiral tree?

How do you care for a spiral tree?

Prune the topiary at least twice a year to maintain its shape. You can prune more often if necessary. Trim the top of the tree to the desired height when it grows too tall. Cut back any branches that are leggy or obviously incompatible with the desired spiral shape.

What are spiral trees called?

Cypress is a common name for several genera of evergreens. Of the Chamaecyparis genus, the Hinoki and boulevard cypress are most common for spiraling. The Hinoki (C. obtusa) has emerald-green foliage and can be trimmed into either a formal or loose spiral, and the boulevard cypress (C.

What tree is best for topiary?

Plants like the holly, laurel, boxwood, and privet possess these attributes and are excellent choices for topiary. The most popular amongst these choices is the boxwood. This is especially true for varieties such as the “Morris Dwarf” which keeps its compact shape even if it isn’t trimmed.

How big do spiral trees get?

Spiral topiaries can be large (6 feet or more) or small (just 8 x 10 inches). If you’re nervous about cutting into a large, pricey plant, create a smaller topiary first. Gain confidence by observing similar topiaries at local garden centers or public gardens.

Why is my spiral tree dying?

Too little water in the container or yard can cause the foliage to fade and die. Too much water can lead to root rot. If the outer edges of the spiral are too broad, the inner areas may be too shaded. Pruning the spiral to a relatively narrow form allows more sunlight to penetrate.

What kind of spiral topiary trees do Walmart use?

Artificial Cypress Spiral Topiary Trees Potted Indoo 46.5″ Potted Artificial Two-Tone Boxwood Spiral Topi . Vickerman 5′ Artificial Green Boxwood Double Spiral . 4ft Boxwood Topiary Spiral Tree Circuling Shrub Arti

Which is the best boxwood spiral topiary tree?

You can always look forward to a the rich green tones of the Romano Boxwood Spiral Topiary Tree in your home. If you are looking for a High quality artificial tree to make a bold statement in your home this is it. Sign up for Style & Decor emails and save on your next order.

Which is the best live topiary for a garden?

Live “Tall” Spiral Topiary Tree will look nice in any garden. Nicely shaped and ready to be planted. This is a boxwood tree. The Boulevard Pom pom is a unique addition to any landscape.

How tall does a topiary tree grow to be?

Topiary Tree. ‘Conica’ Spiral is a white spruce conifer that offers a truly hardy constitution. It is a dense, cone-shaped shrub that can reach up to 11 feet when mature. It has needle that are a light green color.