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How do you get the chest in metalhead?

How do you get the chest in metalhead?

Collect the three Red Gems on the right side and the two Green Gems on the left, then Flame the Strongarms for two Green Gems. The three Chests behind them will have two Green Gems and one Blue. From there make a U-turn to the left, kill the A-Banana Boy for his Blue Gem, then go down the ramp and free Dragon Sadiki.

How do you get perfect in metalhead Spyro?

To get this skill point, you must first go to the level Metalhead and reach the point where to take on the robot. Once there, it’s as simple as beating the boss with no damage taken, hence the name “Perfect”.

How do you get on the platform in metalhead Spyro?

Climb up the stairs in the starting area and jump behind the orange enemy to drop onto a platform near the green toxic lake, you can then glide through an area near the bars. (Use video above for reference) There should also be a key to unlock the locked chest in the later area, so be sure to grab that.

How many levels are in peace keepers?

Peace Keeper is a new home location in Spyro The Dragon. You can get there using the balloon by the Artisans bridge. Similarly to the first house location, it allows you to start five levels.

Do skill points matter in Spyro?

Spyro is awarded an extra life for every Skill Point. Once all Skill Points have been completed, an extra page in the Guidebook/Atlas is added, called ‘Epilogue’, which shows what happens after the events of the game. In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, the Epilogues were replaced with art galleries for the game.

What does metalhead perfect mean Spyro?

“perfect” here means that you must kill the boss without getting a hit (you may get a hit during other portions of a level) if you have received a damage during the fighting with Metalhead, then just start from the last checkpoint (there should be one right before fighting with boss himself) Chemtrail.

Where is the egg in peace keepers?

Peace Keepers Peace Keeper Home: At the back of the level near the entrance to Doctor Shemp, use a cannon to shoot the rock with a target on it. This will reveal a platform. Get to it, and glide across to an alcove with a pool in the middle. The blue thief will be here, so take him down to get the third egg.

Where is the key for the chest in peace keepers?

Go up the ramp behind Boris and glide down to the ledge on the left. Go through the archway, up the tunnel and out on to the ledge. Glide to the left of the ledge and onto another platform around the corner. Go up the winding pathway to find the final dragon Maximos (4/4) as well as the key to the locked chest.

How do you jump in lofty castle?

If anyone else is struggling, I found it much easier to make the jump by hugging the wall on the supercharge ramp and jumpimg off to the right. You can clip through the roof a little and land the jump with room to spare.

What to do with Metalhead in Spyro the Dragon?

Metalhead is another boss level in Spyro the Dragon. This time, Spyro will have to defeat a giant robot. The boss fight is described in a separate chapter. What is required to complete this level in 100%?

Where does Spyro go after the boss fight?

Once the boss is defeated, go to the next building – its gate has been opened after the boss fight. Spyro finds a teleport that can take him on ledges with a lot of crystals. Also, you can get on the ledge behind the waterfall by climbing on the rooftop. There, you will find more crystals and a chest that needs a key to open.

What do you have to do to complete Metalhead?

To complete Metalhead in 100%, you have to do the following things: Collect 500 crystals. Rescue 1 dragon. You start in an empty town. Defeat Strongarms and Armored Banana Boys. The latter are especially dangerous.

Where to find Whirlwind in Spyro the Dragon?

Go in the building behind where Metalhead died and go around the corner; spot the Whirlwind on your left and ride it to the upper level. The next Gems you collect will be different depending on which version of the game you’re playing.