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How do you get the true ending Bravely Default?

How do you get the true ending Bravely Default?

Save over the purple book slot at the bottom of the save menu to reach Chapter 7. Talk to the ship owner to open up the Outer Oceans. Head to the Outer Oceans, clear the dungeon and beat the difficult boss. Finally enjoy the Bravely Default 2 true ending!

How many endings are in Bravely Default?

Bravely Default 2 has four official endings, and a fifth arguably unofficial ending, known as the “Give Up” ending. Naturally, the biggest difference between all the endings involves the game’s narrative. Each ending, needless to say, “ends” the game in a different way.

How many endings does bravely second have?

While you can choose to get to the end of the game naturally and have fun, you should be aware that there are up to three different endings in Bravely Default II: the bad ending (the normal), the good ending, and the secret ending.

How do you get true ending Bravely Default 2?

How To Unlock The True Ending of Bravely Default 2. After defeating the Night Nexus, reloading the game, and defeating the Night Nexus core, the player will need to reload their save file again. Now, players will experience an all-new story segment. From here, head back to the Vale of Sighs and find the grave.

What happens after you beat Bravely Default 2?

According to Attack of the Fanboy, “Bravely Default 2” holds a secret ending, which is the game’s true ending as players would continue the game after defeating the final boss of the sequel. Most players would just end the game after the final boss, but a mini-quest still needs to be finished to end the story properly.

How do you beat Bernard in Bravely Default?

Bernard Strategy If you’re using a Beastmaster, capturing several Minotaur and using it against Bernard can quickly end the fight. Simply set everyone’s Job/sub-Job to Beastmaster, brave 4 times, and keep on summoning Minotaurs to end the fight.

Is Bravely Default 2 a grind?

The Nintendo Switch’s Bravely Default 2 is a traditional JRPG, one that involves plenty of grinding. Here are the best spots to farm JP points. If there is one question every player wants to know before they start a new RPG, it’s how to break the game. That is to say, how can one easily find an easy way to level up.

How to get the true ending of Bravely Default?

Here it is, the true ending to Nintendo’s epic 3DS RPG, Bravely Default. For more, read Prima’s complete Bravely Default walkthrough. Completing Chapters 5 through 8 and reawakening each crystal repeatedly brings you to the true ending of Bravely Default. When the chapter begins, you’ll watch a cinema where our team awakens on Grandship.

Why is airy resurrected three times in Bravely Default?

There is a reason for using powerful-classed characters, because Airy is required to be defeated three times and is resurrected twice in the battle. The Dark Knight’s Dark Nebula and Minus Strike are effective, but it’s a risky move without Adaption applied to your characters.

Where is the sinister purple icon in Bravely Default?

Simply put, open your save menu. Exactly where you’ve been saving the game manually all this time. If you take a look at the bottom, you will be able to see a sinister purple icon. Just click on it, and the next story events will continue.

What does Edna do in Bravely Default 2?

Edna, Adelle’s sister, is trying to cleanse the world from itself, by simply eradicating everything. For this, she needs the power of The Night’s Nexus, a being powerful enough to help her achieve her ultimate goal. As you would expect though, you stand an obstacle to her desires, eventually defeating her.