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How do you make a rectangular pattern in Fusion 360?

How do you make a rectangular pattern in Fusion 360?

Learn how to use the Rectangular Pattern command to create a pattern in a rectangular arrangement in Fusion 360.

  1. Click Design > Solid > Create > Pattern > Rectangular Pattern .
  2. Select the Pattern Type from the dropdown menu:
  3. Select Objects to pattern in the canvas.
  4. Select the Directions to pattern along in the canvas.

What is a rectangular pattern?

A drainage pattern in which the main streams and their tributaries display many right-angle bends and exhibit sections of approx. the same length; it is indicative of streams following prominent fault or joint systems that break the rocks into rectangular blocks.

What are the first 10 rectangular numbers?

The numbers that can be arranged to form a rectangle are called Rectangular Numbers (also known as Pronic numbers). The first few rectangular numbers are: 0, 2, 6, 12, 20, 30, 42, 56, 72, 90, 110, 132, 156, 182, 210, 240, 272, 306, 342, 380, 420, 462 . . . . . .

What is radial pattern?

A Radial Pattern arranges the specified features spaced along the circumference of a circle. The spacing can be set so you only arrange features along an arc instead of the whole circle. Spacing and angles are set with dimensions settings.

How do I use rectangular pattern in Autodesk?

Create Rectangular Patterns (2D Sketches)

  1. In a sketch, click Sketch tab Pattern panel, click Rectangular .
  2. In the graphics window, select the geometry to pattern.
  3. In the Rectangular Pattern dialog box, click the selection tool under Direction 1 and then select geometry to define the first direction for the pattern.

Why is 8 not a rectangular number?

The number 6 is a rectangular number because it is 2 rows by 3 columns, and the number 8 is a rectangular number because it is 2 rows by 4 columns. However, 4 is the only even number that cannot form a rectangular shape because it forms a square with an array of 2 rows by 2 columns.

Which is the smallest number that can be shown as a rectangle?

Answer: 36 is the smallest number that can be shown both rectangle and triangle.

Which is the best example of radial pattern?

Explanation: A good example of a radial drainage pattern is provided by the rivers originating from the Amarkantak Mountain. Rivers like Narmada, Son and Mahanadi originating from Amarkantak Hills flow in different directions and are good examples of radial pattern.