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How do you plug a molex into a fan?

How do you plug a molex into a fan?

To do this, plug the fan into your computer’s power supply. The fan will contain either a male or female Molex connector, and sometimes both. The male connector is larger and slides over the female connector. If your fan has both types of connectors, you need only connect one of the two to the power supply.

Is molex to fan Safe?

It’s “safe” in as much as two fans which typically draw a fraction of an amp, won’t come close to overloading the wiring or the PSU. With proper wiring you could safely run many more than two fans off one PSU Molex connector.

Can I connect molex fans together?

The male part of the fan is just so you don’t lose a connector by using the fan and can connect to any other molex female connector in your setup to supply power. Fans connected by molex are normally not speed regulated and run at 12V all the time with the connection to the PSU.

Do I need Molex connectors?

Molex connectors are necessary when you don’t have any 3 pin headers left on your board to connect fans. Then you use molex connectors to connect the fans to your power supply rather than the motherboard.

Can I cut off molex from fan?

No. The fan is wired so that it can take power either from the 3/4-pin motherboard header, or from the 4 pin molex. Thus the power from the 3/4-pin and molex are running parallel to one another. If you snip that wire and it shorts, you are essentially shorting the same power terminals leading to your motherboard.

Can I cut off molex connectors?

The motherboard should be able to control the voltage through just the 3 pin and you can cut the molex off.

How many fans can I connect to a single molex?

A molex connector can handle around 5 amps of current at 12 volts for a total of 60W of power. I personally wouldn’t try to connect 30 fans to a single 4-pin molex, but you will probably not have any issues overloading a circuit with fans.

What do molex cables plug into?

Power Supply Connectors These “Molex” connectors bring DC power to the drives inside a PC case. The large one on the right is used for disk, CD-ROM and DVD drives, while the small connector is used for floppy drives and other devices.

Are all molex connectors the same?

There are three typical pin sizes: 1.57 mm (0.062 in), 2.13 mm (0.084 in), and 2.36 mm (0.093 in). The 1.57 mm pin can carry 5 A of current, while the 2.36 mm can carry 8.5 A. Because the pins have a large contact surface area and fit tightly, these connectors are typically used for power.

What uses molex connector?

Certain Molex connectors are used for providing power to the motherboard, fans, floppy disk drive, CD/DVD drive, video card, some older hard drive models, and more. Compatible connectors are available from many manufacturers, not just Molex and AMP.