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How do you remove a CV joint from a transmission?

How do you remove a CV joint from a transmission?

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How expensive is it to replace a CV joint?

CV-joint repairs The CV joint boot replacement costs from $180 to $350. The part is usually not very expensive, but a fair amount of labor is involved to replace it.

Is a CV joint an MOT failure?

You can’t fail a CV joint simply because it clicks as you drive around in circles. That’s not in the MoI. Even if it was you still shouldn’t be failing it IMO. Yes it’s worn but how do you know it’s excessive (MOT standards here)?

How much does it cost to replace a CV joint UK?

CV Joint Replacement Cost: Cv joints are not particularly expensive items to buy and can range from as little as £20 up to roughly £150. Depending on the car, the labour charge to fit them shouldn’t be that much either. Bank on half an hour to an hour per side to replace.