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How do you treat lymphocystis in fish?

How do you treat lymphocystis in fish?

There is no treatment for lymphocystis. Often, clinical signs of lymphocystis are exacerbated by other stressors in the tank, such as poor water quality, poor diet or inappropriate temperatures. By alleviating some of these issues, your fish may recover their previous appearance.

Are yellow tangs good algae eaters?

Kole tangs will eat film algae though in some cases will eat hair and macro algae. For those with larger tanks, a yellow tang or a foxface/rabbitfish would be a viable candidate for hair and macro algae.

What is the best food for yellow tangs?

The best flake food for the yellow tang would be Sea Veggie mixed flakes followed by Formula Two flakes. If you’re looking for a great all-around mix with balanced ingredients, then you can’t go wrong with New Life Spectrum pellets.

Is lymphocystis in fish contagious?

Lymphocystis is spread by fish-to-fish contact or contact with infected tissues. External trauma from spawning, aggression, parasites, or handling can facilitate infection and spread.

How do you treat a fish bacterial infection?

Effective treatments include levamisole, metronidazole or praziquantel. Metronidazole and praziquantel are especially effective when used as food soaks. Antibiotics such as nitrofurazone or erythromycin may also help prevent secondary bacterial infections.

What does a tumor look like on a fish?

Most tumors are seen as bumps or lumps under the fish’s skin. But the location and signs of the tumor can be different for each fish, and depend greatly on the type of tumor. Unfortunately, internal tumors or cancers display symptoms once it has become to late to save the fish.

How do you keep a yellow tang healthy?

Even though their preferred/natural food is plant-based, that won’t stop yellow tangs from eating meat-based foods. My tangs greedily ate mysid shrimp, blackworms, and brine shrimp. To keep them happy and healthy, you should feed them at least three times a week. Most people try to feed them daily, though.

Are yellow tangs good for beginners?

Care Level : Easy to Moderate, the yellow tang is good for saltwater beginners with a fully cycled aquarium. Temperament / Behavior : It’s best to keep only one yellow tang in your aquarium because they can become territorial with other tangs.

Can my yellow tang eat mysis?

Before adding the brine shrimp I put a clip in the tank with a piece of “sally’s seaweed salad” and the tang has yet to touch that… Yup yellow tangs eat almost everything( mysis shrimp, brine tubiflex worms, mines love frozen angel delight.. Make sure to feed it some lettuce or its color will start to fade.

What do you do if your fish has a tumor?

The only treatment for a coelomic tumor is surgery.

How do you treat warts on fish?

Usually the best cure is to simply give the fish a stress-free life, a weekly bacteria treatment and the virus will slowly subside and the fins will repair themselves. This can take many months.

How long does a bacterial infection last in fish?

Bacterial diseases usually do not kill fish in a couple of days, especially larger ones, but moreover a one to two week period. However, some viral strains may do so. In any case, the prompt isolation of infected fish and treatment with an antibiotic in a QT (quarantine tank) is important.

What kind of tank does a yellow tang fish need?

For a large fish, the yellow tang is quite peaceful with other species, making them ideal candidates for a wide range of tank setups. As usual, any hostility this fish may have is reserved for other members of the surgeonfish clan, especially when dealing with others of its own kind.

What are the markings on a yellow tang?

This tang possesses only a single color, but that color is enough to make it one of the most stunning tangs in the market today. It is fully covered from head to tail with a pastel-like bright yellow. It has no other markings other than a small white blade on its tail which is only used during fighting.

Is it OK to feed a yellow tang lettuce?

No Lettuce! Never feed your tangs lettuce. I see this happening mainly in pet stores, where they are probably trying to save a buck or two. Lettuce doesn’t have a place in this hobby since nutritionally it is rubbish. The yellow tang is a pelagic spawner.

Can a yellow tang be bred in captivity?

The yellow tang is a pelagic spawner. The male and the female will release sperm and eggs into the water column after a courting ritual, much like angelfish. They have not been bred in captivity to-date, and it’s looking like a very difficult endeavor, even for large-scale breeding facilities. © 2009 PirateFX