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How do you turn on number lock on a Mac keyboard?

How do you turn on number lock on a Mac keyboard?

Where is the “Num Lock” Key on a Mac Keyboard? There isn’t a dedicated Num Lock key on the Apple Wired Keyboards, and that applies to many of the third party USB keyboards built for Macs too. However, you can achieve the same function by hitting the CLEAR button on the numeric keyboard.

How do I turn on Num Lock?

How to turn on or off the NUM LOCK or SCROLL LOCK.

  1. On a notebook computer keyboard, while holding down the FN key, press either the NUM LOCK or SCROLL LOCK to enable the function.
  2. On a desktop computer keyboard, press NUM LOCK or SCROLL LOCK to enable the function, and press it again to disable the function.

How do I enable the numeric keypad by turning on the Num Lock key?

Windows 10 Go to Start, then select Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard, and then move the slider under On-Screen Keyboard. A keyboard appears on the screen. Click Options and check Turn on numeric keypad and click OK.

How do I turn off number lock on Mac?

How to Turn Off Numbers Lock on a Mac

  1. Click on the Apple logo and select “System Preferences.” Then, select “Universal Access” in the System category.
  2. Click on the “Mouse” tab.
  3. Click on “Press the Option key five times to turn Mouse Keys on or Off” to enable the shortcut for essentially turning on and off Num Lock.

Why is my numeric keypad not working?

If the NumLock key is disabled, the number keys on the right side of your keyboard will not work. If the NumLock key is enabled and the number keys still don’t work, you can try pressing the NumLock key for about 5 seconds, which did the trick for some users.

How do I turn on Num Lock without the Num Lock key?


  1. Right-click the Windows icon.
  2. Select Ease of Access.
  3. Select Keyboard, and then move the slider under On-Screen Keyboard to On.
  4. A keyboard appears on the screen. Click Options and check Turn on numeric keypad, then click OK.

What function key is Num Lock?

The Num Lock key enables and disables the numeric pad. When Num Lock is enabled, you can use the numbers on the keypad. When Num Lock is disabled, pressing those keys activates those key’s alternate function. For instance, the arrow keys on the keypad may only be used if Num Lock is disabled.

How do I turn on Num Lock without a Num Lock key?

How do I fix my numeric keypad?

9 Fixes For Numeric Keypad Not Working in Windows 10

  1. Launch the PC in Safe Mode.
  2. Take a look at the Num lock key.
  3. Push the Num Lock key hard.
  4. Turn the Numeric Keypad on.
  5. Look for hardware issues.
  6. Update your Keyboard driver.
  7. Disable the Mouse keys feature.
  8. Change or Attach a new keyboard.

How do you fix keyboard symbols instead of numbers?

Try numpad with numlock switched off. If that doesn’t help, try typing ALT-4-9 for “1”, ALT-5-0 for “2” and so on. (keep pressed ALT while you type numpad-4 and numpad-9, then release ALT). Try with SHIFT-ALT, too.

How do you unlock a number lock on a laptop?

The NmLk key is located on the top, right hand side of the keyboard. Sometimes it is on the same key as F8, F7, or Insert. Press Fn+F8, F7, or Insert to enable/disable numlock. For 15-inch or above laptops, the numeric keypad is located on the right side of the keyboard.

Why is Num Lock not working?

This issue can occur if the Turn on Mouse Keys option is enabled in the Ease of Access Center. In the Control Panel window, click Ease of Access. In the Ease of Access window, under Ease of Access Center, click Change how your mouse works.

Is there a way to set the Num lock on a Mac?

There’s no such function. On a Windows laptop you can use NumLock to turn a set of letter keys into a numeric keypad, and on a full-sized Windows keyboard you can use NumLock to set the numeric keypad into number mode rather than navigation/arrow mode. On a Mac neither of these are possible.

How to check the Activation Lock on a Mac?

How to check that Activation Lock is on 1 Choose Apple menu  > About this Mac. 2 Click System Report. 3 Click Activation Lock Status under Hardware.

Where is the NUM LOCK key on a keyboard?

Press the Num Lock key. If you have a separate numeric keypad on your keyboard, the Num Lock key is located in the numeric keypad. If your keyboard has a separate keypad but no Num Lock key, try pressing Shift-Delete.

When did Apple stop using Num lock on keyboard?

Num Lock was activated on such computers by pressing the F6 button. Apple stopped supporting Num Lock on the F6 in 2008. Read more: How To Enable & Use The Virtual Keyboard In macOS?