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How do you use a Danfoss radiator thermostat?

How do you use a Danfoss radiator thermostat?

By turning the handle on the thermostat you are able to select the desired room temperature. Simply turn the handle until the wanted position is at the green reference mark. The unique Danfoss snap connection makes mounting very way and fast – and no tool are needed to operate the locking mechanism.

How do you bleed a Danfoss radiator?

If your radiator isn’t working properly, turn down the heat and carefully loosen the bleed screw – at the top of the radiator – either by hand or with a pair of pipe wrench pliers. Have a cloth ready for potential leaks. You should hear hissing sound, indicating air being forced out by water.

What are the markings on a radiator valve?

Radiator valves have numbers or symbols to represent how much heat the radiator is putting out. Normally, these numbers range from 1 – 6. Turning the valve to 3 should give you a room temperature around 20°C. Each number above or below then represents a single degree.

Are Danfoss valves good?

Danfoss radiator valves are a trusted and popular product ensuring optimum distribution of water, not only increasing heat comfort but also reducing energy consumption. They are able to withstand up to the rigours of a central heating system.

What happens if you bleed a radiator with the heating on?

You can’t bleed a radiator when the heating is on, as it may be too hot to touch. You could also get hot water spraying out of the radiator. Use your radiator key to turn the valve at the top of the radiator. Bleeding your radiators can cause the pressure to drop.

What do the numbers mean on a radiator thermostat?

The numbers on a thermostatic radiator valve refer to the temperature in the room, not the radiator. If the room is cold, the the TRV will allow more hot water into the room to heat it up. As the room gets warmer, the TRV will restrict the amount of hot water coming into the radiator to maintain the temperature.