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How do you wire PECO Unifrog points?

How do you wire PECO Unifrog points?

Wiring the PECO Unifrog

  1. Install it directly from the package. The frog remains insulated from the closure and point rails and requires no extra wiring.
  2. Use the pre-attached wire to connect the stock rails to the frog using an electrical switch.

What are Electrofrog points?

What are electro-frog points? As the name suggests electro-frog or live frog points have the frog or V section rails electrically powered. Like the prototype, these rails are all metal. Every metal wheel that runs over the frog picks up track power.

What is the difference between PECO Insulfrog and Electrofrog?

The electrical power routing of the Peco Electrofrog is different than that of the PECO Insulfrog. The Electrofrog is a well designed turnout. There is no plastic for wheels to run on. The Insulfrog may have an all plastic (non-conducting) frog, or a metal one with gaps.

Can you use Electrofrog points on a DC layout?

Always electrofrog, regardless of layout control equipment. If you use Peco code 100 modify them as directed for DCC before installing them. This will make them operate much better on DC anyway, besides that you will probably go DCC one day.

How to wire Electrofrog points on DC frogs?

But for model railway frogs, very apt. I use Peco Code 55 electrofrog points and lay them straight out of the box, with the addition of a wire soldered to the frog assembly powered from the switch on a SEEP PM-1 motor (belt and braces method). Insulated rail joiners are a must on the ends of the frog rails.

Is it possible to short circuit an Electrofrog point?

The other method (as supplied by Peco) can create a short-circuit, but only if wheel back-to-back settings are incorrect. The other problem with the “as supplied” method is it requires the point blades to make good electrical contact with the stock rails, but that tends to be unreliable.

How is phasing of a PECO Electrofrog controlled?

The phasing of the frog and point rails will be controlled externally. This will be in three extra steps and will be done on the underside of the PECO Electrofrog. Cut the wire bonds between the frog and the closure rails. This disconnects all power to the frog.

Are there N gauge Code 75 Electrofrog points?

P.S: they’re N scale code 75 points. Whatever you do, DO NOT convert them to be Insulfrog points, you’d end up regretting a hasty decision. Are the points OO Code 75 or N Gauge Code 80 or Code 55? Changing to dead-frog points is the worst solution. The electrofrog section that would be dead is too long.