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How long is ferry to Aran Islands from Galway?

How long is ferry to Aran Islands from Galway?

The travel time to Inis Mór from Galway City Docks is 90 minutes (seasonal service). From Rossaveal it is 40 minutes, and from Doolin it is 20 minutes (both year round services).

How long does it take to go from Galway to the Aran Islands?

approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes
It will take you approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes to get to these islands. See Aran Island Ferries for up to date information on timetables, fares and bus transfers to the ferry from Galway City.

How do you get to the Aran Islands from Galway?

The most convenient way to reach the Aran Islands is by a combination of car (rental or private transfer) and passenger ferry. The ferry departs from the small town of Rossaveel, which is about 23 miles west of Galway. The drive is simple and picturesque, following road R336 from the city and along scenic Galway Bay.

Can you take your car to Inis Mor?

Inis Mor is one of the 3 Aran Islands located off the west coast of Ireland outside of Galway Bay. There are year around connections with the mainland with two ferry services and also air transport. Please note – it is not possible to bring your car over to the Aran islands, as the ferry services do not allow for this.

Is it worth going to Aran Islands?

Even if you are in Ireland for less than 2 weeks, the Aran Islands are well worth a visit. We certainly enjoyed our time there during our 8 day visit to Ireland last May. I have only visited the largest of the islands, Inishmore, and I loved it. I would recommend doing what we did–an overnight stay.

Can you do a day trip to the Aran Islands?

Island Day Trips The Aran Islands are one of the few places were people in Ireland still speak Irish in daily life. Spending a day on the Aran Islands will transport you back in time, as you take in the lush green scenery while walking on the narrow roads, surrounded by thick stone walls.

Can you bring a car to the Aran Islands?

Can I take my car to the island? There are no car ferries operating to the islands. Ferries to the Aran Islands are for foot passengers only. There is another company operating a cargo boat from Galway Docks three days a week.

How do you get around Inishmore?

How to get around Inis Mór

  1. From The Airport. There is a private mini-bus from the airport which can bring you to your destination on Inis Mór.
  2. Pony & Trap.
  3. Bicycle Hire.
  4. Walking.
  5. Mini Bus Tours.
  6. Celtic Experience.
  7. Explore Inis Mór.

Can you take a car on the ferry to Aran Islands?

How long do you need on Inis Mor?

about 4 to 5 hours
How long do you need on the Inis Mor? You need a full day or about 4 to 5 hours to visit this Island because it’s quite a large island with a lot to see! The guided Island tours are a great option because they will take you around to all the main highlights in good time.

Which Aran island best for day trip?

Aran Islands Day Trip – Inishmore Island (The Best One Day Itinerary) The Aran Islands are three islands located off the western coast of Ireland. The most popular way to visit is to get a boat to the Aran islands and then spend the day exploring.

Can you stay on the Aran Islands?

The Aran Islands has great accommodation options that suit any budget All three Islands (Inis Mór Island, Inis Meáin Island, Inis Oírr Island) have high standard Bed and Breakfast, Hotel, Hostel, Self Catering as well as Glamping & camping facilities.

Where do you take the ferry to Aran Island?

Prepare for a warm Irish welcome as you board the luxury Aran Island Ferries boat (including a full bar and refreshment service) from the sheltered fishing harbour of Rossaveel (Ros a’ Mhíl) in Connemara or from Galway City Docks.

Where do the ferries leave from in Galway?

Our ferries depart from Rossaveel, Co. Galway, which is approximately a 1-hour drive from Galway City Centre. Family rates may be booked by contacting our office.

Who are the owners of the Aran Islands?

Owned by the O’Briens, this family has an enduring relationship with the Aran Islands since they began to trade turf there in the 1900s. Along the way, feel the clean air against your face while admiring Galway Bay views.

Which is the largest domestic ferry in Ireland?

The launch of the new route comes alongside a new addition to their fleet; Saoirse na Farraige. One of the five vessels carrying passengers from Galway city to Inis Mór, Saoirse na Farraige is Ireland’s largest domestic passenger ferry with a capcity of 400, generating a whole lot of excitement and a welcome anticipation for better days ahead.