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How long is the hike to Little Missouri Falls?

How long is the hike to Little Missouri Falls?

870-867-2101 Length: 16 miles, one-way. Directions: The trail may be accessed at the Little Missouri Falls Recreation Area and Albert Pike Recreation Area.

What city is Little Missouri Falls in?

Forested picnic area, with trail leading to waterfall overlook….At a Glance.

Current Conditions: Open all year. Day-use only. No charge. No water/electric available. Restrooms open.
Best Season: Spring-Fall
Busiest Season: Spring
Closest Towns: Langley, Arkansas.
Water: Not for Drinking

Can you swim at Little Missouri Falls?

Great swimming/hiking spot! There were a good bit of people near the beginning falls. You can hike a little ways down and find your own swimming hole!

Where does the Little Missouri River start and end?

Missouri River
Lake Sakakawea
Little Missouri River/Mouths

Where can I park at Eagle Rock Loop?

The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, running, and bird watching. Alum Rock Park charges a $6 fee to park. When parking at the entrance of Alum Rock is closed, Eagle Rock parking is the next option which is in the middle of the trail map. It’s approximately a 0.6-mile steep hike to Eagle Rock from there.

How deep is the Missouri River in Great Falls Montana?

612 feet
The Missouri River drops a total of 612 feet (187 m) from the first of the falls to the last, which includes a combined 187 feet (57 m) of vertical plunges and 425 feet (130 m) of riverbed descent.

Where is the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas?

The Ouachita Mountains extend approximately 225 miles (360 km) east to west from Little Rock, Arkansas, to Atoka, Oklahoma, and approximately 50–60 miles (80–95 km) north to south from the Arkansas River valley to the northern margin of the Coastal Plain.

How big is the Little Missouri River?

560 miles
The Little Missouri River is a tributary of the Missouri River, 560 miles (901 km) long, in the northern Great Plains of the United States….Little Missouri River (North Dakota)

Little Missouri River
Length 560 mi (900 km)
Basin size 8,310 sq mi (21,500 km2)

Where is the widest point of the Missouri River?

The river’s widest point — not counting some lakes in Minnesota and Wisconsin — is just downstream from its confluence with the Missouri River, near Alton, Illinois. There, it is 1 mile (1.6 km) across, according to Mississippi River Explorer. (Lake Winnibigoshish near Bena, Minnesota, is 11 miles, or 17.7 km, wide.)

Are there trout in the Little Missouri River?

Rainbow trout are stocked in cool season months at the Albert Pike area and below Narrows Dam, where some remain throughout the year. Below Lake Greeson, the river is best known among anglers for bass, catfish and bream.

How many miles is Eagle Rock Loop in Arkansas?

Eagle Rock Loop is a 26.5 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Langley, Arkansas that features a waterfall and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and backpacking and is accessible year-round.

How hard is Eagle Rock Loop?

Eagle Rock Loop is very difficult with a lot of steep and vigorous vertical activity (one leg alone crosses six ridges in eight miles, each between 500 – 800 feet).

Where are the Little Missouri falls in Arkansas?

Tucked away in the Ouachita National Forest resides quite the perfect family outing. The Missouri Falls area is west of Caddo Gap in the small community of Hopper. For directions to the recreation area, use this map. The entire Little Missouri Trail is over ten miles, but the small portion to reach the falls is a pleasant quarter mile.

How to get to Little Missouri Falls Oklahoma?

From Norman:Take AR Hwy 8 west for 12.7 miles, then Turn Leftonto FR#43. Go 3.3 miles and Parkalong the side of the road; Crooked Creek Falls will be just down to your Left.

The entire Little Missouri Trail is over ten miles, but the small portion to reach the falls is a pleasant quarter mile. The short stroll from the picnic area to the falls is great for young waterfall chasers. If you’re wanting to turn this day trip into a camping weekend, spend the night at the nearby Albert Pike Recreation Area.

Where is the Little Missouri trail in Ouachita?

Details & Directions This beautiful area and cascade is located deep within the Ouachita National Forest, and is definitely worth the trip. There is a picnic area located here at the parking area, and access to the Little Missouri Trail, which follows the Little Missouri River, can also be found.