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How many awards has Olivia Newton-John won?

How many awards has Olivia Newton-John won?

She is a four-time Grammy Award winner whose chart career includes five US number ones and another ten Top Tens on Billboard’s Hot 100 and two Billboard 200 number-one albums, If You Love Me, Let Me Know (1974) and Have You Never Been Mellow (1975).

Did Olivia Newton-John grow up in Australia?

Actress/singer Olivia Newton-John was born on September 26, 1948, in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England. She lived there until she was five years old, and her family relocated to Australia when her father was offered a job as the dean of a college in Melbourne.

Who won Order of Australia?

General Division

Name Born Notability
Sharan Burrow 1954 Industrial relations and human rights
Eva Burrows 1929 13th General (world leader) of the Salvation Army
Geoffrey Burnstock 1929 Neurobiologist
Sir Francis Burt 1918 Queen’s Counsel; Chief Justice of Western Australia 1977–88; Governor of Western Australia 1990–93

How old was Olivia Newton-John when she moved to Australia?

Sister of Rona Newton-John and Hugh Newton-John, a doctor. She grew up in both England and Australia. In 1954 (at age 5), she moved to Australia but returned to live in England about 10 years later when she was 15. In 1975, she moved to the USA where she had already become well-established as a pop and country singer.

Was Olivia Newton-John’s husband ever found?

Patrick Kim McDermott (born September 18, 1956) was an American cameraman who disappeared on June 30, 2005 while on an overnight fishing trip off the coast of Los Angeles, California. He was the on-and-off partner of Olivia Newton-John. The United States Coast Guard concluded that he was likely lost at sea.

Which is higher am or OAM?

In the Australian honours system appointments to the Order of Australia confer the highest recognition for outstanding achievement and service. Officer of the Order (AO) Member of the Order (AM) Medal of the Order (OAM)

What does OAM stand for?


Acronym Definition
OAM Operations Administration and Maintenance
OAM Online Account Management
OAM Operation and Maintenance
OAM Oracle Applications Manager

Why was Olivia Newton John given the Order of Australia?

Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) for “service to the entertainment industry as a singer and actor, and to the community through organisations supporting breast cancer treatment, education, training and research, and the environment” American-Australian Association Black Tie Gala – Lifetime Achievement Award

Who are the grandparents of Olivia Newton John?

The younger daughter of Brinley Newton-John and Irene (nee Born), Olivia’s paternal grandparents, Oliver John and Daisy Newton, were Welsh. Her maternal grandfather was German Jewish physicist and mathematician Max Born (son of Gustav Jacob Born, an author and histologist).

What kind of cancer does Olivia Newton John have?

Now living with metastatic breast cancer, Newton-John has been a spokesperson for the eponymous “The Liv”, a heart-shaped, self-examination device for women to aid in the detection of breast lumps.

What was Olivia Newton John’s biggest hit of all time?

Her biggest hit was “Physical” which sold over two million copies and spent 10 consecutive weeks at #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 (beginning 21 November 1981). In 1988, she visited Australia to make a television special titled Olivia Down Under (1988) to coincide with the Bicentennial.