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How many books are in the dark Life series?

How many books are in the dark Life series?

2 Books
Dark Life Book Series (2 Books)

Is inhuman by Kat Falls a series?

With Inhuman, Kat began a new trilogy series of science fiction….Publication Order of Inhuman Books.

Inhuman (2013) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Undaunted (2019) Hardcover Paperback Kindle

Does dark life have a sequel?

Dark Life is the first book in a futuristic adventure fiction and science fiction series of the same name by Kat Falls. The novel was published May 1, 2010 by Scholastic. Falls has written a sequel: Rip Tide.

What year does dark life take place?

As what regards Eva’s World, the season takes place on November 4-8 of 1986, 2019 and 2052. As what regards the Origin World, the season takes place in November 8 of 1971, 1974, June 21 of 1986 and 2019.

Is dark life a movie?

Robert Zemeckis is getting his feet wet with an all new feature film for Disney called “Dark Life.” The story is based on a same-titled forthcoming young adult fantasy novel from Kat Falls; it takes …

What is the dark gift in dark life?

Terms in this set (13) Her Dark Gift is the ability to give an electric shock. This character is Ty and Zoe’s neighbor. His Dark Gift is that he is a genius. This character is Ty’s flirtatious friend.

Who wrote the book inhuman?

Kat Falls

How did Ty get his dark gift?

Dark Life is the story of Ty, a teenage boy living under the sea. Children who grow up under the sea have Dark Gifts, special abilities caused by the water’s pressure on their developing brains. Ty’s power is biosonar; he can use sonar to ‘see’ underwater and to communicate with animals such as dolphins and whales.

What does Darklife mean?

Dark life are those organisms invisible to the human eye and that can’t be cultured. New organisms discovered due to advances in DNA analysis and computational power. Expanding the ‘tree of life’ may lead to many future innovations.

What is the plot in dark life?

‘Dark Life’ is a story about Ty, a teenage boy living in a subsea settlement under the ocean. The settlement has been tasked with capturing the dangerous outlaws, the Seablite Gang, who prey on government supply ships.

What is the theme of dark life?

Being proud of who you are is a theme of the story. There are several characters in the story who either stress the importance of being proud of themselves, or who learn to accept themselves and love who they are. The main character, Ty, is constantly hiding a part of himself from the world.

What is the book inhuman about?

Parents need to know that Inhuman, by Dark Rising author Kat Falls, is an exciting blend of fantasy and science fiction. It’s a dystopian novel that imagines a near-future United States where a viral infection causes genetic mutations, creating human-animal hybrids.