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How many pounds is a Jaguar crossbow?

How many pounds is a Jaguar crossbow?

The Jaguar Crossbow features 175-pound draw weight, reinforced composited stock, and complete package.

How fast is a Jaguar crossbow?

Technical characteristics of the Jaguar 1 Camouflage crossbow: Power: 175 lbs. Speed of the bolts: 149.7 mph or 220 fps.

What size bolt does a Jaguar crossbow take?

20″ Carbon Crossbow Bolt.

Can you hunt with a Jaguar crossbow?

I have a jaguar recurve crossbow I bought to try out crossbow hunting to see if I like it. it shoots great with a great deal of accuracy. I have been getting 1 1/2″ groups at 20 yards. My only issue with it so far is that the rear sight is adjustable up and down.

How many feet per second is a Jaguar crossbow?

Designed for speed, the Jaguar Crossbow has a 175-pound draw weight that can launch bolts at more than 245 feet per second (FPS). Offering modern accuracy, safety, and durability, this crossbow is designed to have you hunting with confidence in no time.

Is an 80 lb crossbow lethal?

of kinetic energy, the Cobra 80 lbs. self-cocking pistol crossbow is lethal enough to take on some small game, as long as you have developed enough accuracy with it to hit the vital organs.

How good is a Jaguar Crossbow?

The Jaguar Crossbow was a pleasant surprise. The trigger pull on my crossbow is excellent. The accuracy was so good that as I adjusted the 3 dot sight firing bolt after bolt, I watched the bolt holes march right into the bulls eye. I am not a hunter, just someone who enjoys shooting targets.

Can you hunt with a Jaguar Crossbow?

What kind of safety does a Jaguar crossbow have?

In fact, it is considered to be the ultimate solution to bringing home the bacon, or in your case, the venison.This crossbow is characterized by accuracy, durability, and safety. It boasts of ambidextrous safety, as well as a foot stirrup for quick cocking.

How much does a 175 lb crossbow weigh?

Specifications for the Jaguar 175 Pound Crossbow Rifle style, composite stock Weaver style rail, including 30mm red dot scope with seven-level brightness adjustment 175-lb fiberglass limbs 16-inch power stroke 27 inches x 35 inches, 7 pounds, 13 ounces 265 F.P.S depending on the weight of the arrow

How big is the barrel on a Jaguar crossbow?

This bow also has a 12-inch power stroke and a slotted cast-magnesium barrel for accurate bolt flight tracking. This crossbow comes complete with a six-bolt detachable quiver, four 16-inch aluminum crossbow bolts with 150-gr points, safety glasses, and a shoulder sling to make transport easy and effortless.

What kind of stock does a crossbow have?

Offering modern accuracy, safety, and durability, this crossbow is designed to have you hunting with confidence in no time. This crossbow has a rugged composite stock and 175-pound fiberglass limbs. It also features ambidextrous safety, and a weaver-style rail that includes a single dot 30 mm red dot scope with 7-level brightness adjustment.