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How many times a day can you take Prolessa duo?

How many times a day can you take Prolessa duo?

It’s suggested to take Prolessa Duo one time per day by adding to your morning or afternoon Formula 1 shake, whenever snaking or overeating may be a challenge.

What is Prolessa duo Good For?

One container of Prolessa Duo (11.2 oz.) will help you control your hunger and reduce your fat with this dual-action weight-management solution that helps you eat less and optimize your weight-loss program. A unique ingredient combination that supports hunger control and fat reduction.

Can you take Prolessa at night?

So mix it in water (quickly) and drink it down. Yes for best results the prolessa should be mixed with about 1-2 ounces of water and taken right before bed.

How do you take Prolessa duo?


  1. Gently shake the canister prior to each use as contents may settle.
  2. Make your Formula 1 shake as usual, add 1 scoop (10.6 g) of Prolessa® Duo and mix for an additional 5–10 seconds.
  3. Use Prolessa® Duo one time per day by adding it to your morning or afternoon Formula 1 shake, milk or yogurt.

How long does it take for Prolessa to work?

If word of mouth and testimonials are anything to go by, Prolessa Duo should provide visible results within approximately thirty days and improved health associated with weight loss, such as reduced blood pressure. The science supports the ingredients, and the company has made product information readily available.

Is Herbalife tea a fat burner?

Herbalife thermogenesis tea It can be best described as fat burning, energising tea. It has the same positive effects of green tea but has the added choice of four flavours (raspberry, lemon, peach and original).

How quickly does Prolessa work?

What is the best time to take Prolessa?

It is recommended to take 3,000mg a day with one before each meal. I take 2 in the morning and 1 in the evening. Make sure it’s made from safflower oil.

Does Prolessa give you energy?

The product is clinically tested and stimulant-free to reduce calorie intake and provide a feeling of fullness.