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How many voivodeships are there in Poland?

How many voivodeships are there in Poland?

16 voivodeships
Poland is currently divided into 16 voivodeships (Polish: województwo). Previously (in the period from 1975 to 1998) there had been 49 smaller voivodeships (see illustrations 1 & 2).

What are Polish provinces called?

The territory of Poland is divided into voivodeships (provinces); these are further divided into powiats (counties or districts), and these in turn are divided into gminas (communes or municipalities).

What are the 16 provinces in Poland?

The Sixteen Provinces of Poland are:

Polish Name & Link English Name Voivodeship Link
Województwo Śląskie Silesia Province Silesian
Województwo Świętokrzyskie Holy Cross Province Świętokrzyskie
Województwo Warminsko-Mazurskie Warmia-Masuria Warmian-Masurian
Województwo Wielkopolskie Wielkopolska Province Greater Poland

What is my powiat?

The powiat is a district self governing authority located within its own territory, which has a legal standing and is the basic entity for territorial divisions.

What does Voivodeship mean in Polish?

A voivodeship (/ˈvɔɪvoʊdʃɪp/; Polish: województwo [vɔjɛˈvut͡stfɔ]; plural: województwa) is the highest-level administrative division of Poland, corresponding to a province in many other countries. The term has been in use since the 14th century, and is commonly translated in English as “province” or “state”.

What is a powiat in Poland?

A powiat (pronounced [ˈpɔvʲat]; Polish plural: powiaty) is the second-level unit of local government and administration in Poland, equivalent to a county, district or prefecture (LAU-1, formerly NUTS-4) in other countries.

What is the smallest province in Poland?

The three smallest voivodeships—Warsaw, Kraków and Łódź—had the special status of municipal voivodeship; the city president (mayor) was also provincial governor.

What Voivodeship is Krakow?

Lesser Poland Voivodeship