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How much do chauffeurs earn UK?

How much do chauffeurs earn UK?

As a general guide a live out chauffeur in London may earn between £35-£60,000 per year, depending on hours and experience.

How much do chauffeurs get paid?

Private Chauffeur Salary

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $80,000 $6,666
75th Percentile $72,000 $6,000
Average $56,787 $4,732
25th Percentile $32,000 $2,666

How much do drivers earn in London?

Average Earnings 💰

Work Hours Average Weekly Earnings Average Monthly Earnings
Around 45 hours per week £675 – £900 £2,835 – £3,780

How much can a private driver earn?

The highest salary for a Private Chauffeur in London Area is £50,429 per year. The lowest salary for a Private Chauffeur in London Area is £16,528 per year.

Do chauffeurs live with you?

Some chauffeurs will even double up as a bodyguard, but not every chauffeur will add that gig onto their belt. That said, this makes sense as many chauffeurs will live with their clients and will, in a way, become part of their family.

How much is a chauffeur for a day UK?

How much does a chauffeur cost per day?

E-Class Mercedes £400.00 per day
S-Class Mercedes £480.00 per day
V-Class Mercedes £480.00 per day
Range Rover Autobiography £680.00 per day
Bentley Mulsanne £800.00 per day

What is difference between driver and chauffeur?

A driver is any operator of a motor vehicle. A chauffeur is someone employed to look after the needs of the passenger as well as the operation of the motor vehicle. A chauffeur is an experienced, licensed professional.

How much can a PCO driver earn in London?

How much does an Uber driver make in London?

Work routine Average hourly earnings* Monthly profits* (PCO car hire / Rent to buy)
Full-time (45 hours/week) £17.9 £2,400 / £2,200
Part-time (20 hours/week) £640 / £440
Side hustle (14 hours/week) £200 / £0

How much do Ola drivers earn UK?

Most good drivers aim for an average of £20 per hour, which is possible in busy periods, but not guaranteed. In quiet times it can be as low as £10 per hour so then the guaranteed minimum of £16.70 on the Ola Ultimate plan starts to look more appealing.

How much do private hire taxi drivers earn in London?

A London taxi driver, on average, will earn between £12-£18 hourly. Increased demand levels from the large and busy London population, combined with the higher costs of doing anything in the capital, means London-based taxi drivers earn 20%-40% more than their fellow cabbies outside of the capital.

What does a chauffeur do while waiting?

Flights are sometimes late and sometimes they’re early. If you’re early at the airport, our chauffeurs will know that ahead of time and be there for you without you having to make a call. Sometimes chauffeurs will clean the inside of the vehicle while waiting for you so when you return the car is like new again.

How much is a private chauffeur in London?


Transfer prices to or from London: Mercedes E-Class Mercedes S-Class
Full day hire (8 hours/80 miles) £288.00 £416.00
Excess Mileage £2.00 £2.50
Minimum hire (3 hours) £108.00 £156.00
Waiting time (per hour) £35.00 £40.00