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How much does it cost to hunt a nilgai?

How much does it cost to hunt a nilgai?

Trophy Nilgai hunts may be priced at about $3,000, give or take a few hundred dollars. The price may vary depending on whether includes catering, lodging, and opportunities to hunt other exotic animals are included into it.

Are nilgai hard to hunt?

Nilgai are very challenging to hunt, with their keen eyesight, impressive hearing and great sense of smell and an uncanny sense of approaching danger and you have a game animal that is very challenging to approach. Nilgai typically herd in small groups of 10-12 animals although larger groups of 20 -50 are common.

Is there a season for nilgai?

Nilgai are native to India and Pakistan, but South Texas is home to more than 35,000 feral animals after a ranch brought them to the area in the 1950s. The Texas government classifies them as exotic, which means there’s no bag limit, no possession limit, and no closed season.

How do you hunt nilgai?

Classic heart/lung shots provide the largest kill zones on nilgai, but some guides prefer a spine shot to quickly anchor the animal, but with the dipping-shape of the spine, hunters should be familiar with this anatomical feature or they risk making a shot that’s above the spine.

Is nilgai good eating?

His search for an animal that could thrive in the South Texas climate and produce a high quality, lean meat led him to the nilgai antelope. The meat has a mild flavor with a good texture, much like veal. It is extremely low in fat, averaging well under 1% for most cuts.

How big is a trophy nilgai?

Trophy size nilgai antelope bulls will normally sport vertically oriented horns measuring 8.5” – 10” in length. They feature a unique tubular shaped beard on the midsection of their throat.

How tall do nilgai get?

Nilgai can weigh up to 700 lbs., stand 4’5” at shoulder and be up to 6.6 ft long.

What is nilgai called in English?

The nilgai (Boselaphus tragocamelus) (/ˈnɪlˌɡaɪ/, literally meaning “blue cow”) is the largest Asian antelope and is ubiquitous across the northern Indian subcontinent….

Order: Artiodactyla
Family: Bovidae
Subfamily: Bovinae
Genus: Boselaphus

What is nilgai meat called?

South Texas Antelope
Also known as the South Texas Antelope, this is a mild, lean, very veal-like meat. Once native to India, the Nilgai antelope has made itself quite at home in Texas, where it was successfully introduced back in the 30s.

How did nilgai end up in Texas?

South Texas ranchers brought nilgai antelope from a California zoo decades ago, when it became fashionable to stock their sprawling acreage with exotic quarry. These days the species native to India and Pakistan is not so much a rarity in South Texas as a nuisance.

Is nilgai extinct?

It was thought to be extinct in Bangladesh. The nilgai was introduced to Texas in the 1920s to 1930s. As of 2008, the feral population in Texas is nearly 37,000. The nilgai is categorised as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List….

Subfamily: Bovinae
Genus: Boselaphus
Species: B. tragocamelus
Binomial name

How fast can a nilgai run?

29 mph
When chased, nilgai can run up to 48 kph (29 mph). Males compete with each other by using threatening posture displays and neck wrestling, sometimes leading to both males kneeling and lunging at each other with their horns.

Where to hunt nilgai in low fence country?

HUNT free ranging NILGAI in low fence country that has not been commercially hunted. Nilgai are the hardest to hunt and the toughest to kill of any animal on the North American continent. Hunting nilgai is addicting if you appreciate “the Hunt”.

How big of a nilgai do you need to hunt?

As long as you have a valid hunting license and permission from the landowner, you can hunt for them whenever and wherever you choose. The Nilgai are large animals, with females averaging 300 to 400 pounds and males reaching close to 700 pounds.

Is there a hunting season for nilgai in Texas?

Nilgai Hunting Regulations: Since Nilgai are considered an introduced/non-native invasive species, there is no bag limit or season on their hunting. The same laws in regards to taking game from public roadways applies to Nilgai also.

What kind of meat does a nilgai eat?

Nilgai Nutritional Info: Texas A&M Department of Animal Science has published nutritional data from several exotics compared to domesticated meat sources. Here’s how it stacks up for a 4 oz. portion of Nilgai uncooked meat: What Do Nilgai Eat? Grass is the main diet for them in Texas with agricultural crops increasingly being encroached on by them.